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Friday 27th March 2015 3:36 am


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Name Address and postcode Type
Old Bank Bar 11 William St, Greenock PA15 1BT Pub
Phone Official website Opening hours
01475 888877 No website listed yet CLOSED now
Food: Unknown, Menu: None uploaded yet, Plays music: Unknown, Wifi: Unknown, Disabled access: Unknown, Beer garden: Unknown, Real ales: Unknown, Credit cards: Unknown, TV screens: Unknown


Reviews of Old Bank Bar

        1.4 stars out of 5
        40 reviews


  • 1 star reviewMy first visit in here for months yesterday and the place was empty. Served a warm Budweiser. Extremely poor
    B.Assombalonga Reviewed 20th December 2014 5:13 PM
  • 1 star reviewVery poor table service when in with my wife yesterday. Scandalous
    Mike Hunt Reviewed 2nd November 2014 7:51 PM
  • 2 star reviewI go in and use the toilets and have enjoyed many a number 2 here.
    Amanda Phillips Reviewed 6th October 2014 4:08 PM
  • 2 star reviewUnhelpful staff. Food ok. Won't be back
    Caractacus Potts Reviewed 2nd September 2014 6:22 PM
  • 1 star reviewI can often be seen in here drinking a shandy whilst challenging people to debate me whilst shouting over them.
    Alex Salmond Reviewed 31st August 2014 6:51 PM
  • 1 star reviewI believe this place is soon to close down and by the comments listed it's no wonder. I hope when it reopens they find some staff who are actually willing to work
    Kevin Webster Reviewed 8th August 2014 8:16 PM
  • 1 star reviewWent in during a World Cup game and was told "no colours" my crime was wearing a red top. I don't even like football!
    Tom Cakebread Reviewed 22nd June 2014 6:41 PM
  • 1 star reviewI found the bar service to be very poor. A long wait as not enough staff manning the bar. Some shifty characters lurking around getting upto skulduggery
    Tom Cakebread Reviewed 22nd June 2014 11:11 AM
  • 1 star reviewI was in here the other evening and the going got tough, so I got going.
    B.Ocean Reviewed 12th June 2014 3:35 PM
  • 1 star reviewI've never been so scared in my life when drinking in there. Jeepers creepers I won't be back
    Chris Jewell Reviewed 9th June 2014 6:33 PM
  • 1 star reviewA pub that's appealing as sitting in a puddle with a can of super. Had more fun on the toilet.
    Stewart Murdoch Reviewed 7th June 2014 7:01 PM
  • 1 star reviewIn for lunch and had some dark haired drunk woman slurring and shouting as people tried to enjoy themselves. Pretty poor.
    Trisha McParlane Reviewed 6th June 2014 3:34 PM
  • 2 star reviewPoor disabled access. My wife nearly toppled out her wheelchair encountering a tight angled corner. This needs addressed
    Finlay Quaye Reviewed 26th May 2014 4:26 PM
  • 2 star reviewI preferred this place when it was called "The Yard". Friendlier staff and no troublemakers back then.
    Robert Warmisham Reviewed 24th May 2014 11:05 AM
  • 1 star reviewThe toilets are a disgrace.
    David Blair Reviewed 23rd May 2014 8:00 AM
  • 1 star reviewVery poor. Manager/Assistant manager was a young man who wanted a carry on more than to ensure good service. My hubby remarked, "I wish I was barred so I could never come back!" I replied not to worry, we won't be.
    Patricia McDermid Reviewed 23rd May 2014 7:59 AM
  • 2 star reviewI went in finished work in tesco and it not very good. Lol
    Baham Groag (Glenburn) Reviewed 21st May 2014 9:26 PM
  • 4 star reviewEnjoyed my favourite here today, again cooked to perfection. Boiled ham, cabbage and potatoes. Yummmmm
    R.Sole - Port Glasgow Reviewed 19th May 2014 3:41 PM
  • 1 star reviewTurned away today having just attended our nieces christening. Reason given was "christening parties often escalate into trouble". There were four of us all aged over 45. Pathetic
    Bill Clay Reviewed 18th May 2014 7:39 PM
  • 2 star reviewI run a local greasy spoon and pop in here for the occasional pint. Ok during the day but wouldn't go near it at night. Dodgy
    Chris Jewell Reviewed 13th May 2014 9:20 AM
  • 1 star reviewHorrendous food, service and atmosphere. Avoid
    Bryan McKellar Reviewed 11th May 2014 5:27 PM
  • 1 star reviewNot a particularly pleasant experience
    Kieron Beaglehole Reviewed 8th May 2014 5:22 PM
  • 1 star reviewJust poor. Tacky and there's a sour atmosphere.
    Janet Findus Reviewed 6th May 2014 2:50 PM
  • 1 star reviewSleazy, seedy, vulgar. That's the type of man that visits here. Was out for a birthday party and have never felt so out of place. We drank up and went somewhere classier. Won't be returning and neither will the other girls.
    Julie Swift Reviewed 2nd May 2014 7:46 PM
  • 1 star reviewWitnessed fisticuffs on my first visit here. Won't be back
    Don Beech Reviewed 30th April 2014 11:17 AM
  • 2 star reviewFood was of good quality but staff spent most of their time clock watching and seemed disinterested. Below what I'd expected.
    Douglas Shambach Reviewed 19th April 2014 1:58 PM
  • 1 star reviewWas in with my boyfriend and after some sub-par service we left as we are both huge Everton fans and the "sports bar" refused to turn on the volume. Won't be back.
    Tracy Anderson Reviewed 30th March 2014 4:43 PM
  • 1 star reviewA pub advertising showing all live football but refusing to allow the volume on "because it's Mother's Day"?? Do me a favour. Plenty of other locals showing live games for full enjoyment!
    Leonard Jeffries Reviewed 30th March 2014 4:34 PM
  • 1 star reviewStood waiting for 10 mins on a quiet night whilst staff talked amongst themselves. Very poor. Walked out and won't be back.
    Kirsty Shorley Reviewed 19th March 2014 2:16 PM
  • 1 star reviewThis place appears to be going steadily downhill. Unpleasant characters hanging around in drunken states and staff who couldn't care less. The assistant manager chap is a jumped up jerk
    Cyril Sneer Reviewed 18th March 2014 9:35 PM
  • 1 star reviewWorst bar in town by FAR!
    Pamela Boag Reviewed 12th March 2014 10:31 AM
  • 1 star reviewDire. Jukebox tunes changed without notice and waited ages for a pint. I was not happy. Also known trouble makers who have been known to throw glasses are regularly spotted there. AVOID!!!!
    Michael Nail Reviewed 3rd March 2014 5:40 PM
  • 2 star reviewNot a bad burger but have tried to get in with a suit to be told I was "at a Christening" and as a result couldn't be served. Despite the fact my wife and I had just put our Sunday best on. The barman/manager appeared to take great delight in informing us we were at this fictitious event. Won't be back despite spending lots of money with friends on previous occasions. Lost a good dozen customers now.
    Andy Love Reviewed 27th February 2014 1:55 PM
  • 1 star reviewWaited ages to get served and finally got served by a miserable character called "Dom". He was too busy watching the football and having a laugh with his friends. Shocking.
    Ronnie McKellar Reviewed 26th February 2014 8:35 AM
  • 1 star reviewIn with my husband and found it to be full of louts and troublemakers. Staff rude and manager seemed to not care.
    Irene Watt Reviewed 17th February 2014 2:36 PM
  • 1 star reviewAs a business owner I find this establishment to be of very poor quality. Staffed by uninterested workers and catering to the lowest denominator.
    James Easdale Reviewed 16th February 2014 10:16 AM
  • 1 star reviewWent in for a few quiet drinks and felt intimidated in a pub with a bad atmosphere and rude staff. Won't be back again and will be warning friends, colleagues and family of this place.
    Susan Barker Reviewed 16th February 2014 10:07 AM
  • 1 star reviewStaff were rude and the manager seemed not to care. Won't be back due to an uncomfortable presence of some regular troublemakers!
    Sandra Baker Reviewed 16th February 2014 6:19 AM
  • 5 star reviewlove this place..great service and lovely food..............the chicken wings are amazing! highly recommended.....as are the ribs.....will be back!
    loraine cox Reviewed 8th January 2014 1:28 AM
  • 1 star reviewafter half hour wait food arrived cold fish batter was like a rubber body bag wont be back
    Robert Will Reviewed 4th June 2012 5:23 PM

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Dalrymple street (Bullring), Hunter Place, Greenock, PA15 1EG (0.89 miles)

Branchton Railway Station, Greenock, PA16 0XR (2.56 miles)

Gourock Railway Station, The Pier, Gourock, PA19 1QR (3.33 miles)

Main street, Main Street, Cardross, G82 5BT (3.58 miles)

Cardross Railway Station, Station Road, Dumbarton, G82 5NL (3.61 miles) Phone 01389 841322

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The Lodge, Greenock, Greenock, Auchenfoyle, Cairncurran, Auchenbothie, Port Glasgow, Ardgowan, Inverkip, Chrisswell, Garvock, Gourock, Castle Levan


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