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Scottish Borders TD6 Not listed


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33 Restaurants in Redpath in 10 categories




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82 Shops in Redpath in 23 categories




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20 Takeaways in Redpath in 5 categories




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93 Home improvement in Redpath in 15 categories



65 Health and beauty in Redpath in 9 categories



33 Attractions in Redpath in 11 categories



39 Property services in Redpath in 6 categories



41 Education in Redpath in 12 categories



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Top pubs in Redpath

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Top restaurants in Redpath

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Top banks in Redpath

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Top shops in Redpath

  • Melrose post office - Melrose

    Buccleuch Street, Melrose, TD6 9LE

    5 star reviewThis one man post office delivers excellent personal service. Customers are recognised and welcomed by name. Mr.Collins' ...


Top supermarkets in Redpath

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Top takeaways in Redpath

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Top cinemas in Redpath

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Top home improvement in Redpath

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Top health and beauty in Redpath

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Top attractions in Redpath

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Top property services in Redpath

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Top education in Redpath

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