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Saturday 13th April 2024 2:35 am


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Blacks 9 Main Street, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1DS Hairdresser
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07963562585 No website listed yet OPEN now
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Reviews of Blacks

        4.9 stars out of 5
        279 reviews


  • 5 star reviewVery good hairdresser and very funny .
    Alana Davison Reviewed 26th March 2024 10:49 AM
  • 5 star reviewGreat hairdresser and great woman full of her !
    LOU XX Reviewed 15th April 2023 8:36 PM
  • 5 star reviewLovely lady who takes time and individual care . My hair was the best I think it's ever been and was not overpriced as I have been used to. Very friendly people in there too. The lady who owns it has a very nice way .
    Cindy Lewis KIPPAX Reviewed 9th January 2023 2:30 PM
  • 5 star review After returning to Garforth I called to see Joanna as she used to be my hairdresser when I originally lived here. Nothing has changed she is still the same happy her and made me laugh as she used to. It was lovely and so is my hair.
    Jacqui Ellis Lidgett Lane LS25 Reviewed 13th December 2022 6:54 PM
  • 5 star review Good company as in hairdressing and personality. First ever visit here as my brother goes .
    Rob Davis Reviewed 27th October 2022 12:08 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice . Thankyou for doing my hair and cheering me up too.
    Laura Dixon Ledston Reviewed 19th October 2022 3:14 PM
  • 5 star reviewHad my hair cut here last Sunday by joanna . Very real and particularly easy on the eye as well as a very good hairdresser.
    Robert Linley Reviewed 15th October 2022 9:31 AM
  • 5 star reviewReally pleasant place to have your hair done . The lady here knows instantly what is right for you and is very good indeed and has a very nice way about her. My colour was perfect and she didn't cut too much off as that is always my main worry. Very well done I appreciate everything.
    Sammy Giles Florida Reviewed 5th October 2022 7:28 PM
  • 5 star reviewCome here when in Garforth and Joanna certainly walks the talk as the saying goes. Very impressed by what she remembers too which makes you feel you're being genuinely listened to. A really nice place .
    ADAM LEWIS LONDON Reviewed 20th September 2022 5:01 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna who owns Blacks is very good to people aswell as being a very good hairdresser. I have known her many years. Everyone likes Joanna
    Tracey & Ian Reviewed 15th August 2022 7:53 PM
  • 5 star reviewA lovely lady .
    XX Reviewed 4th August 2022 11:40 AM
  • 5 star reviewIt has always been a very happy place Blacks . Very free atmosphere and accepted by everyone immediately like joining one big conversation. Smashing lass Joanna that's why and last but not least a great stylist.
    Paul & Debbie Clarke Ledston Reviewed 23rd July 2022 8:27 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery uplifting place. If you are down in the dumps ever like myself sometimes you won't be anymore . Not just a very hood hairdresser but a tonic I tell you. Joanna has always been very much this way and makes everything alright again. Laughter and more laughter and a very kind person too .
    Louise Taylor leeds Reviewed 14th July 2022 4:22 PM
  • 5 star reviewExcellent! Knows her stuff ! Very nice woman too !
    Jamie Clark Reviewed 12th July 2022 10:14 AM
  • 5 star reviewI have been coming to Blacks for 20 years or more. Joanna is not just a good hairdresser but a very kind hearted person who genuinely listens and not just about hair subjects. Everyone who goes there is friendly and all join in conversation. Sometimes it is very funny at Blacks because joanna is totally unlimited and probally says and does what we'd all live to have the courage to do at times. Very fond of her we are.
    Carol & Andrew Baines Reviewed 2nd July 2022 6:45 AM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice woman who is a very good hairdresser and doesn't overcharge. My neighbour has been to her for years and has always been happy there and recommended Blacks to me . I came out very happy with my hair and had a rather nice day there for my first visit as everyone was extremely friendly to me and nice atmosphere .
    Heather Barker MIcklefield Reviewed 8th June 2022 4:17 PM
  • 5 star reviewGreat hairdresser great personality great big heart too. We have always gone to joanna for those main reasons . About 25 years or so now too.
    Louise Davies Reviewed 1st June 2022 12:58 PM
  • 5 star reviewIt is a tonic coming for your hair doing at Blacks. Nice customers and extremely comfortable atmosphere . I go on Sundays I always have for many years . Joanna who owns the salon is very much a free spirit and I have known her many years and she's always been that way . My hair is always just how I like it . She eats alot ! I have never seen anyone enjoy their food like her and its funny to see her eat as she makes all these noises my grand daughter thinks it's funny.
    MARY BRIGGS LS17 Reviewed 14th May 2022 8:46 AM
  • 5 star reviewNever felt so comfortable anywhere as this. I am disabled and I am nervous about going places . The lady who owns this salon is very caring and kind and so patient and for all the time and attention was astoundingly fair priced.
    Jacqui Henderson SMilford Reviewed 7th May 2022 6:56 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice woman and very good hairdresser.
    Beth Dobson lS19 Reviewed 5th May 2022 6:14 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice person here who has really helped me feel more confident after being very poorly . A nice happy place .
    Rebecca Moore Woodlesford Reviewed 27th April 2022 3:50 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery welcoming and happy place. Everyone talks as if they've known you years as no nervy awkward feeling. My hair was lovely and did not cost as much as I have paid before as everything was included in price I was told. No rushing and full attention given in lovely atmosphere.
    Karen Holmes Fairburn Drive LS25 Reviewed 24th April 2022 9:24 AM
  • 5 star reviewFirst visit to Blacks today ! Felt immediately at ease even before the owner Joanna started because as I was sat having a coffee and chocolate biscuit I thought what a character I like this woman. Very down to earth and very funny easy going and my haircut was best I think I've ever had she took her time and showed me how to dress it out. Nice place and an extremely nice lady who owns it too.
    Steve Davison Knottingley Reviewed 15th April 2022 6:55 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery lovely lady and has a nice way with people. My husband and I visited on Sunday and we are both very pleased .We moved to Garfoth a few months ago and found Blacks very welcoming and a very good hairdressers.
    Bernadette & John Kemp LS25 Reviewed 6th April 2022 7:08 PM
  • 5 star reviewAmazing with kids as well as adults. Our two love her. Nice woman.
    Lewis & Kim Connor Castleford Reviewed 4th March 2022 10:01 PM
  • 5 star reviewDown to earth posh, a great mix ! Had my barnet cut and styled by a very attractive lady here called johanna and found the experience very positive and uplifting . My daughter thought it was the best ever so I will be back .
    Richard Stephenson ABERFORD Reviewed 2nd February 2022 9:43 PM
  • 5 star reviewGreat hairdresser and a fun place to go.
    Jonathan Cox Selby Rd Reviewed 31st January 2022 8:35 AM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice person here who spends time with people and remembers things about people even after only one previous visit. My hair was lovely on my first visit and why I returned although a while later due to the pandemic regulations. Good atmosphere with a caring owner.Thankyou Beryl Wright
    B Wright Selby Reviewed 28th January 2022 2:39 PM
  • 5 star reviewHad my hair restyled today with Joanna at Blacks and its great ! Thankyou x
    Alex Reviewed 23rd January 2022 9:16 PM
  • 5 star reviewHad haircut by owner Joanna and best haircut ever . Ate loads of jaffa cakes and massive coffee. I like her because I am usually shy of salons but she made me laugh and smiled through the door which I found funny and welcoming.Everyone was really friendly who popped in .Good personality and very attractive lady .
    Bryan Carlo Kippax Reviewed 24th December 2021 1:15 PM
  • 5 star reviewWhat a lovely salon and customers. Very uplifting atmosphere and different to anywhere I've ever been. My hair was cut in a fabulous layered bob after trying to grow it long and joanna made me laugh when she asked very matter of fact what the heckers for as it looks absolutely terrible and it looks as if I have been living like some nomad somewhere for twelve or so years. It really looks so lovely now and has a lovely shape and is so swishy . Thankyou lovely funny lady Joanna
    Caroline Davis Reviewed 18th December 2021 10:18 PM
  • 5 star reviewGreat hairdresser and great place ! Been about 5 times now and it's like I've been coming here years . Very nice person who owns it and a fantastic sense of humour . I like it there very much.
    Michael Best Wetherby Reviewed 13th December 2021 8:44 AM
  • 5 star reviewMy hairdresser Joanna at Blacks always has time for everybody. Very warm and welcoming and an uplifting personality. There's never a dull moment there and I have been going for over 20 years. Very good value for the time and care and you can talk to her about anything and because of her personality you feel better about things too. Joanna stands no nonsense though and is very honest and genuine but in a lovely way.
    Christine Thompson Reviewed 6th December 2021 1:25 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is just joanna and has always been as she is. Very good hearted and very caring , in fact she overcares beyond measure . Always been good to us and we've had her at our home too when Barry was just out of hospital after an accident . Fantastic hairdresser !
    Shirley & Barry Atkinson Scholes Leeds Reviewed 23rd November 2021 5:55 PM
  • 5 star reviewI love Joanna cutting my hair because I am 78 and she makes me feel 18 again. Although I mean that in a nice way Nothing matters at Blacks you are just accepted. Lovely hairdresser.
    Simon Evans Reviewed 23rd October 2021 7:35 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna has always been good to me not just as a hairdresser but as a life long friend. Nothing is too much trouble and she's a good listening ear as well as a fiercely genuine advice giver because she knocked me into shape over something really silly I'd been thinking for years. I have my hair cut and coloured on Sundays and it's alway fun .
    Josephine Rydall Reviewed 12th October 2021 1:39 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery funny and loveably cheeky. Great company and a good hairdresser.
    A x Reviewed 29th September 2021 9:41 PM
  • 5 star reviewGood vibrations and nice coffees at Blacks.
    Nick Webster WYP Reviewed 27th September 2021 3:56 PM
  • 5 star reviewGreat place to come for a haircut. Always good atmosphere too Joanna is a really nice lady and very good to people .
    EDDIE MUSCROFT Reviewed 25th September 2021 4:34 PM
  • 5 star reviewI do not do reviews or have a Google account but wish to remark about Blacks. Never having been before I was recommended and from the minute I rang I felt very secure and that I was talking to someone who understood perfectly. Long story short ,I was thrilled with the result as my hair was the best I think I've ever experienced and I felt wonderful. Very firm attitude and straight to the point but my goodness the proof is in the result. Very nice place and extremely caring lady here who knows what she's talking about both in her job and life because I found the whole time I was in Blacks a very uplifting and refreshing experience.
    Freya Mcdonald Leeds City Council Reviewed 21st September 2021 11:45 AM
  • 5 star reviewVery good hairdresser and a very friendly happy place.
    Nigel Reviewed 5th September 2021 9:20 AM
  • 5 star review This lady has alot of time for people as people not just coming for their hair. Very good character and personality and knows what she is talking about. I have been attending Blacks for ten years or more and I enjoy going as it is always good conversation and laughter as well as a very good haircut.
    Steve Hamilton Reviewed 15th August 2021 9:23 AM
  • 5 star reviewI have been coming to Blacks since joanna opened as she 7sed to do my hair at home many moons ago. Everyone loves joanna because she's always been the same be it in salon or in sainsburys. My hair is always just right with colour and cut and her prices hardly ever alter. Most of all joanna brings people together and you feel uplifted and confident through knowing her as I am quite a reserved person but at Blacks everyone blends in the conversation going on at the time because Joanna makes sure they are included. A very good hearted lovely person and hairdresser to me.
    Gaynor Harris Moortown LS17 Reviewed 12th August 2021 10:36 AM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is absolutely potty but a nicer kinder hairdresser I'd never find . Thankyou for the many years of expertise and laughter because you are a tonic my love. XX
    Colin & Sue xx Reviewed 9th August 2021 3:52 PM
  • 5 star reviewI do not do Google so here are my thoughts regarding Blacks on Main Street Garforth. Been coming around 15 years and i have always been very happy . Joanna is very kind as a person not just my hairdresser and also extremely comical .
    Barbara Anderson BARKSTON ASH N YORKS Reviewed 1st August 2021 9:18 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice indeed.X
    Bernie x Reviewed 28th July 2021 3:32 PM
  • 5 star reviewA very happy place and the owner is a lovely person and a very good hairdresser indeed. Thankyou
    Moureen Chapman Reviewed 18th July 2021 9:04 PM
  • 5 star reviewStraightforward down to earth nice woman. No messing about and knows her stuff. Welcomed in like a regular. Good banter with others . No rush job either . Great stuff !
    Steve Hall Micklefield Reviewed 20th June 2021 5:46 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery good at what she does and a very nice woman indeed. We nipped in Friday as visiting Leeds
    Jane & Mark Derby Reviewed 5th June 2021 9:34 AM
  • 5 star reviewQuick witted and very attractive good hairdresser..loved her xx
    Charley & Zara xx Sunday 9th May 2021 Reviewed 10th May 2021 10:57 AM
  • 5 star reviewGood hairdresser with a nice personality very welcoming and friendly and made me laugh.
    Terry Reviewed 20th April 2021 9:37 AM
  • 5 star reviewX
    Not saying X Reviewed 7th April 2021 1:22 AM
  • 5 star reviewThis lady here is very generous with her time and genuinely listens . I was recently widowed and had neglected my hair and I was very pleased .
    Grace Goodall Reviewed 15th January 2021 7:49 AM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice woman .
    CAROL CRAIG SEVERN DRIVE GARFORTH Reviewed 6th January 2021 4:47 PM
  • 5 star reviewGood hairdresser and nice woman I like it there very much . Will call again when in Garforth.
    Jed Elliot Leeds Reviewed 29th October 2020 5:55 PM
  • 5 star review Great hairdresser. Joanna has been doing my hair since 1993 . Her salon is full of laughter always. Even our dog laughs Joanna cuts and colours my hair and it's always exactly how I want it. Its an experience but a more genuine woman youd never find . Joanna is very kind and did my mums hair for many years before she died and used to make her laugh . Shes really funny on the phone and openly talks and it's very entertaining and people cant help giggling with what she sometimes says but in such a lovely way . Joanna is so lovely that's why . Potty but lovely potty
    Caroline Williamson Yeadon Reviewed 7th October 2020 10:12 AM
  • 5 star reviewCool down to earth is our joanna and would do anything for anyone. Been my hairdresser since early 2000 and I wouldnt swap her for the world.
    ALEX X Reviewed 17th September 2020 3:52 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna at Blacks is a very good hairdresser and a well liked woman who has time for everyone.
    Tim Evans leeds Reviewed 7th September 2020 8:36 AM
  • 5 star reviewGood company as a hairdresser and as a character . Joanna has a great personality and makes things fun even difficult things. I go in feeling gloomy and come out really uplifted hairwise with my highlights and also mood wise too. Joanna has a unique and lovely way Doesnt overcharge and is never in a rush . Love her x
    Sue Stephenson Horsforth Reviewed 3rd September 2020 1:01 PM
  • 5 star reviewCame to Blacks today and so glad I did. My hair was all colours and Joanna is very good here . My hair is in such better condition and appearance and was a very good price . Very welcoming easy to talk lovely personality. I loved it .
    ELLA JANE LAMB ABERFORD Reviewed 29th August 2020 7:39 PM
  • 5 star reviewReally funny but really nice. Very good hairdresser
    Debbie Harrison + Oscar (dog) Reviewed 13th August 2020 12:36 PM
  • 5 star reviewGreat character and good hairdresser who doesnt butter up her customers or herself . Straight talker you know where you stand . Very good company
    Nicola Hurst Halifax Reviewed 5th August 2020 2:47 PM
  • 5 star review Potty but lovely potty ! Joanna is a real nice woman so uplifting and full of life and extremely kind hairdresser . I have known her so long and shes just so genuine and probally thr most honest person I know. Very good to me when my wife died and taught me to cook actually. Has always made Anne and myself laugh and been a very caring friend XX
    GARY WRIGHT X MOORTOWN Reviewed 2nd August 2020 7:11 PM
  • 5 star reviewI fully agree with AL there . Very good advice and takes time . Treats people very well not just like a number on list type of attitude and listens to you and takes interest . Very genuine well mannered quality lovely lady who is a very good hairdresser and not charging enough if you ask my opinion such a refreshing attitude these days.
    Julie Lewis Kippax Reviewed 20th July 2020 11:25 AM
  • 5 star reviewLovely Lady x
    AL GARFORTH Reviewed 31st May 2020 11:00 AM
  • 5 star reviewA very good hairdresser who is also a very caring woman aswell. The lady here at this salon did my hair for nothing after a bereavement . I do not live in Garforth and was visiting last Wednesday March 11th . Thankyou Patricia Johnson .
    Patricia Johnson Hull Reviewed 24th March 2020 6:47 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna you are an absolute tonic . Stay safe hunny x
    FRANCINE LORR LEEDS Reviewed 23rd March 2020 8:17 PM
  • 5 star reviewExcellent!! with children. This woman has something !! We had the most wonderful experiance at Blacks with our twin boys . Lovely atmosphere and a very good attitude towards people . Very impressed indeed !
    Simon , Nathan & Jacob Wallis Garforth Reviewed 14th March 2020 2:56 PM
  • 5 star reviewA very happy Hairdressers. Joanna is lovely and I have known her a long time and shes always been the same . Kind hearted towards people and great company and its true it is never ever boring at Blacks.
    Janet Kirk Moortown Reviewed 13th March 2020 5:39 PM
  • 5 star reviewGood hairdresser and makes us laugh . X
    John & Louise Colton LS15 Reviewed 12th March 2020 11:21 AM
  • 5 star reviewPotty but lovely potty .Theres never a dull moment at Blacks . Joanna is a very good hairdresser and such a wonderful character . If you go in down in the dumps you soon feel uplifted. Everyone that goes into Blacks ends up knowing each other and chatting. A thoroughly great atmosphere always .
    Loz The Dentist Reviewed 10th March 2020 1:59 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery refreshing establishment. I walked in here a few years ago and I have been coming here ever since for my hair cutting. The owner Joanna is a real good sport and always makes me laugh. Really fair prices and good hospitality .
    Zowie Land Leeds Reviewed 9th March 2020 7:46 PM
  • 5 star reviewWe have been coming to Blacks since we moved to Garforth in 2008 and Jo has been doing our hair ever since we just walked in one cold Sunday as Linda wanted to use the loo. There was so much going on and everyone was really jolly and Jo asked us if we would like a warm drink . That was it really and since then we've got grandchildren that go too now . They love it there . Jo has an abundance of goodies and it's just s thoroughly nice place for all we think.
    Jeff & Linda Wright kippax Reviewed 6th March 2020 7:25 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is really nice and I always feel at ease there as I end up laughing from start to finish . Never met anyone like her a bit posh a bit potty but so down to earth and straight talker a spade is a spade like . Great attention and care given towards her customers .
    RICHARD DOBSON SAINSBURYS Reviewed 5th March 2020 2:57 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna at Blacks is a lovely caring person and I have been going there for at least 10 years now. I am always happy with my colour and cut and the price is very good value because I have many choccy lattes and jaffa cakes whilst I am there too. Joanna is unique in her ways and very well liked by people and by her other customers in our community .
    Annette Harrison Garforth Main St Reviewed 5th March 2020 9:52 AM
  • 5 star reviewReally good salon. The owner is a very warm welcoming down to earth woman and my hair was the best I think it's ever been . I like it very much at Blacks.
    Sarah Nichols Castleford Reviewed 4th March 2020 10:30 AM
  • 5 star reviewWhat a lovely person Joanna truly is . Such laughter and a very happy atmosphere in Blacks always . Potty but in such a lovely way . Everyone is treated so very well . Joanna is a brilliant hairdresser and a wonderful person . Both me and my husband and out kids love her XXXX
    Joanne , Richard , Megan , Ryan ABERFORD Reviewed 2nd March 2020 4:38 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery good hairdresser and a very uplifting dead funny kind hearted one too . Cheers you up no end .
    Richard Durant WY Police Reviewed 28th February 2020 2:08 PM
  • 5 star reviewDont own a Google account myself . Reason I come here is shes firstly a very good hairdresser and secondly an great person who is genuine real and down to earth . Very attractive place with a very attractive owner but not just in looks in personality and with heaps of character which is dam refreshing nowadays . Jack x
    Jack Webb Spire Health Leeds Reviewed 20th February 2020 5:30 PM
  • 5 star reviewBlacks is a really happy hairdressers and I found everyone very friendly .The lady that owns Blacks is very kind and I liked how she treated me because she listens and understood exactly what i wanted. I was very well treated there and i had a lovely coffee and jaffa cakes . I was given a voucher for next time i go with no limit on the time it had to be used. Very good experience.
    Denise Clark Oulton Hall Hotel Reviewed 17th February 2020 11:50 AM
  • 5 star reviewBlacks is always a very happy place and everyone that goes is very friendly and welcoming like joanna who owns it all. There is alot of regular faces like myself that go as I have known joanna several years . Joanna is a very good hairdresser and a very thoughtful kind hearted one too.
    Margaret Simkins Ring Road LS14 Reviewed 5th February 2020 11:48 AM
  • 5 star reviewReally friendly lady and very good hairdresser and drop dead gorgeous !
    Niall Gregory Fife Reviewed 1st February 2020 9:37 PM
  • 5 star reviewKnown Joanna at Blacks before salin even opened. My hair is always cut spot on and we have great chats . Joanna is a lovely person and very funny at times. Says it like it is and what you see is what you get real character . My hair price never seems to go up and I get full works and as many coffees and chocolate digestive as I want. A Happy place to go all round.
    Colin Rayner LGI Leeds Reviewed 29th January 2020 5:21 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna has been my hairdresser for a very long time and my hair is always just how I like it to be. Its always a lovely atmosphere in the salon and Joanna is a very uplifting person to be around and very down to earth and is very good to people in the salon and out
    Jenny Whitehead The Drive LS15 Reviewed 8th January 2020 2:04 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice indeed .
    Tim Grant Visitor Skipton Reviewed 4th January 2020 6:21 PM
  • 5 star reviewI had my hair trimmed at Blacks last Monday and Joanna (owner ) instantly knew exactly what I wanted doing and takes her time and does a very good job and her prices are really fair for the attention . I even got a gorgeous latte coffee and chocolate biscuits aswell. Very nice and easy to talk to person and I got a voucher for next time too with being a new customer .
    Layla Mathews Selby Road Leeds 15 Reviewed 30th December 2019 8:38 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery good hairdresser , very good personality and very good hearted. Love her to bits I do XXXXXXX
    Nick Haigh Harrogate Road LS17 Reviewed 19th December 2019 4:47 PM
  • 5 star reviewSometimes we go to Blacks or Joanna comes to us as we knew her before her salon too. Very good hairdresser and very fair in her dealings with prices. She eats alot but food is in her culture as shes part foreign as is my wife too as they talk endlessly about what they are cooking or have cooked Joanna is very good at her job and just a very nice woman naturally . We have known her 40 years or more and always been happy character and has a good nature.
    Ronnie & Rozalind Mann Shadwell Walk LS17 Reviewed 14th December 2019 1:51 PM
  • 5 star reviewKnown Joanna many years and even before the salon. Very good hairdresser and great company and most definitely a thoughtful kind hearted person. Joanna cheers you up always. However she is very astute and doesnt tolerate garbage and nonsense but gets the best out of you I can assure you of that . It's down to her that I took a big leap in my life and I look back and laugh as it was so funny as she is both serious and comical at times about things aswell as a fantastic hairdresser .
    Linda Robson Leeds Road Rawdon Ls19 Reviewed 14th December 2019 8:37 AM
  • 5 star reviewGreat welcoming and pleasant happy hairdressers with very friendly people as customers and the owner is a very lovely person both passionate and committed to her work and people. Lovely place to go to is Blacks .
    Neil Bedford Station Road LS15 Reviewed 12th December 2019 3:50 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice woman and always cuts my hair nicely too. I am completely deaf now and widowed but I look forward to my visits to Blacks salon in Garforth where I have a lovely hot chocolate biscuits and chat since retiring from the police force in 2004. Thankyou
    Edward Westerman Wakefield Rd LDS Reviewed 11th December 2019 1:01 PM
  • 4 star reviewGreat place is Blacks in Garforth. We have twin girls and they love it there . We have taken them since they were 15 months old and they love the owner Joanna . Very nice friendly atmosphere and Joanna is very good with her customers . There is no rushing and it's very welcoming and cosey and homely . Our girls never stop giggling and sit with ginger biscuits and Ribena whilst having their haircuts and it's very lovely to see . My husband takes the girls home to give me s break and Josnna does my hair then . We are very pleased with everything at Blacks.
    Louisa & Brian Olivia & Jessica LS25 Reviewed 3rd December 2019 2:29 PM
  • 5 star reviewWent to Blacks as usual when up here . I live in Oxfordshire as I am a teacher down there but my father lives in Sherburn In Elmete . Joey is a great person and its true very good to everyone as my mum used to go to her before she died as we knew her from Sherburn you see . Always does my highlights fantastically and the cut is always perfect as Joey knows how fussy I can be . We really laugh at the old times and memories too. Great place and great owner who looks after everyone and it's always been that way too.
    Sophie R Wilson Sherbun in Elmete LS25 Reviewed 2nd December 2019 4:59 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna has done my hair for like all my life . Very happy lady and dead good to people she is too. Never a dull moment at that salon and good chats along with others there. Great fun and great atmosphere always .
    Simon Parker Tesco Leeds Reviewed 30th November 2019 12:38 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna at Blacks is a very good hairdresser and makes everything fun for adults aswell as kids. It is a pleasure to go there .
    Julie Wright Church Lane LS25 Reviewed 26th November 2019 1:34 PM
  • 5 star reviewAbsolutely Fabulous !
    Bev Harrison Aberford Ls25 Reviewed 24th November 2019 2:02 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is my hairdresser at Blacks . My hair is always cut exactly how I like it . I have been coming here for at least 10 years now . Joanna is not just a hairdresser to me but a very kind and thoughtful friend who sometimes says and does the most beautiful things. The salon is so happy always and a very uplifting atmosphere all the time too. My appointment is at the same time on the same day and the price never seems to ever change and the coffees alone are worth a few pounds I'd say too, yet all included. Joanna is a very good hairdresser and theres never a dull moment .
    Caroline North Headingley Reviewed 23rd November 2019 4:30 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna has been doing my hair for many years and is a wonderful hairdresser and a very kind person. Joanna loved my late husband very much and they used to chat for ages about so many things . We know her family from Moortown too. Joanna always tells me I have such lovely hair naturally because I am just naturally lovely but I think that about her too.
    Gabriela Weisz LS17 Reviewed 21st November 2019 2:48 PM
  • 5 star reviewExcellent! Joanna has cut my hair for the past year since I retired as a GP and moved to Garforth. A very welcoming salon and Joanna is a like a breath of fresh air . I generally go in on Sundays and I look forward to my chats with her actually as I genuinely find her very good interesting company not just my hairdresser and am always given a very warm welcome and a lovely rather large latte coffee with chocolate on and biscuits. Very happy indeed with Blacks.
    Dr Michael Bulmer Garforth Reviewed 20th November 2019 1:46 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is a fantastic hairdresser and person and her salon is always full of laughter . Watch out though if you dont want a coffee and a million biscuits she will ask you hundreds of times and I have witnessed this and think it's so funny. I love her as shes so unique and a real dare devil at times but so alive and real as I once saw her just suddenly sprint up the street in bright yellow rubber gloves to the pillar box before she missed the pick up and everyone wondered where shed gone . My hair is always cut perfectly though despite all the dramatics at Blacks but no one I am sure would ever want it to change in there. Love her x
    ALIBABA LS25 Reviewed 16th November 2019 10:46 AM
  • 5 star reviewLike no where on earth sometimes at Blacks. I go to Jo once a month as I have very short hair as opposed to Jo's very long hair. It's very relaxing and very entertaining and Jo is just a very nice woman and extremely welcoming and down to earth great sport type. Lovely hairdressers and lovely owner and lovely coffees too.
    Nicola Fisher Castlford Reviewed 15th November 2019 7:38 PM
  • 5 star reviewI go to Blacks for my hair and was in on Saturday. Its lovely there and Joanna is as people say but has always been so as long as I have known her. The salon us a very happy place and people are all at ease and comfortable with nice pleasant conversation which does include a good debate now and then too. My hair is always coloured exactly right and then highlighted to finish . Joanna is a perfectionist in her work . Joanna is a good hearted person and very comical too.The salon is the way it is because she is very good with people and the fairest person I think I've ever known.
    Maureen Hamilton Shadwell Walk LS17 Reviewed 14th November 2019 12:49 PM
  • 5 star reviewPotty but nice potty ! Love her to bits x
    Steven Abbott M&S Finacial Services Reviewed 8th November 2019 12:22 PM
  • 5 star reviewI do not do Google and my phone is out of the ark hence being here. Joanna is my hairdresser and has been for a very long time . A very nice person who is very good to people as she is very kind hearted . Joanna is very entertaining and funny at times and an absolute tonic . I am in Blacks quite a while but everyone is always very friendly there . My hair is always lovely and the prices never go up . Joanna has also bobbed to my home once or twice as I broke my ankle and couldnt drive . It's very down to earth and comfortable and also very uplifting at Blacks .
    Joanne Robinson Station Field Garforth Reviewed 7th November 2019 6:45 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery good hairdresser and kind person.
    Ben Coates Beancroft Castleford Reviewed 6th November 2019 5:14 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is a excellent hairdresser . I have very long hair myself and I go to her in Garforth . I first met her when she was buying Amla oil from us for her own hair . We got talking and i visited her salon for my own hair cutting and have been going ever since . Joanna buys her Indian spices from us too as she is always cooking international foods . Although I was born in England my parents are Indian and we have a store in Leeds. Joanna has attended two weddings of my family too.
    Jaz Linor Roundhay LDS 8 Reviewed 3rd November 2019 10:19 AM
  • 5 star reviewMy hairdresser is Joanna at Blacks too and is a good hairdresser and defo good company . I have gone to her for many years now because of those reasons . Always fits me in as I am self employed myself and it's difficult to commit for a weeks ahead appointment.Late Sundays are great for me . Joanna is always very welcoming and eager to hear all the latest .
    Sam Dobbs Shadwell Reviewed 2nd November 2019 10:14 AM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna has done my hair for many years and has always been the same. It's a lovely atmosphere in the salon and Joanna is a very naturally caring persona as is all her family actually as I know of them . Very welcoming warm people.
    Sue Benson Moortown Leeds17 Reviewed 28th October 2019 10:59 AM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna who owns Blacks where I go for my hair doing is an absolute breath of fresh air. It is one of the happiest places if not the happiest place I go to.Everyone is extremely well looked after and no one is left put of the conversations that go on there ,nevermind the laughter aswell. I first walked in at a time in my life when I didnt think I had much life left and I felt so uplifted that first visit that I have just carried on and that was several years ago. Joanna is a perfectionist in her hairdressing and does not charge ridiculous prices or rush at all. I love to go to Blacks.
    Linda Newsome Ninelands Lane LS25 Reviewed 26th October 2019 1:54 PM
  • 5 star reviewTop woman !
    Richard Wilson Horsforth Reviewed 14th October 2019 11:58 AM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is my hairdresser at Blacks in Garforth. She is a really good hairdresser and a really lovely person . It's never ever boring at Blacks and everyone is very friendly that goes there. Joanna is very genuine and very kind and can be very funny at times and it is such a happy atmosphere there always. My hair is always absolutely perfectly highlighted and cut as Joanna takes her time on everyone and goes mental if anyone tries to rush her which is really funny sometimes . It is always a very happy salon Blacks .
    Sara Clark Skipton Rise LS 25 Reviewed 13th October 2019 7:52 PM
  • 5 star reviewI have been coming to Joanna at her salon Blacks for roundabout 10 years . Joanna is very friendly and funny sometimes as I know her socially too. Very good hairdresser for sure though.
    Paul Burton Ledston Reviewed 12th October 2019 5:02 PM
  • 5 star reviewI took my daughter Emily to Blacks as my friend told me about it. My daughter is only four years old and quite a shy little girl. However as soon as she walked into Blacks it was like a dream come true for her to be surrounded by all the Disney characters . Joanna is a very welcoming lady and Emily was laughing and eating ginger biscuits and drinking juice as if shed been there many times. Her hair was beautifully cut and it was all a very nice experiance for her. I have even booked an appointment for my own hair too. I would reccomend Blacks very much as it is a really lovely place and Joanna is one of the nicest most friendly Hairdressers I think I have ever been to and I know Emily certainly loved it there .
    Jane & Emily Lister Sherburn Reviewed 12th October 2019 8:35 AM
  • 5 star reviewGrand lass is Joanna and has been doing my hair a very long time. Although I dont go as often as I should but I am z very busy bloke in farming and it's just how it is in that game . However Joanna did my hair when my parents ran the farm so that explains the very long time I spoke about. I just like her as a person really as she is easy to talk to and sorts my hair brilliantly .
    Brian Wesley Thornton Dairies Reviewed 8th October 2019 4:59 PM
  • 5 star reviewBlacks is just a very nice comfortable and welcoming place . I have been coming here to Joanna for 15 years . It's always full of nice people and nice chatter goes on. Joanna has a lovely nature and is very good with people naturally which is why it's such a happy place to come to. My hair is always exactly as I like it and Joanna takes her time and the prices are all in as one price no extras mounting that bump up the cost. Lovely refreshments too. I go very late on Fridays after work and it's very cosey and homely there . I like Joanna very much as she is a very thoughtful person and did my hair for my 50th free as a present for me which she did not tell me until she'd finished which was so nice of her to do too.
    Janice Oxley Skipton Rise Garforth Reviewed 7th October 2019 3:37 PM
  • 5 star reviewI dont usually do reviews but I am for this place. Been coming here since last Christmas and liked it that much I am still coming. Says it all I think . Jo is a super hairdresser and a very natural down to earth funny one too. Very welcoming and easy to talk to .
    Victoria Slater Alandale Road Reviewed 2nd October 2019 4:07 PM
  • 5 star reviewI have known Joanna since 1990 and that's how long shes been my hairdresser too and a very good hairdresser she is too and a wonderful very cheery uplifting person . Lots has happened since then I have lost my parents my husband and survived bowel cancer ,causing early retirement from nursing due to all those reasons. Joanna came to my home for two years whilst all this was going on and was one of my many supporters in some of these too. I looked forward to her coming after the salon on Saturdays because she always made me feel better by not just doing my hair but helping me learn to laugh again and not letting me sell my car as she felt sure I'd drive again in time . Which is how I now get to Blacks now on Sundays .
    Janet Copley Scholes LS14 Reviewed 1st October 2019 3:51 PM
  • 5 star reviewI went to Blacks where I met Joanna the owner to discuss a hair appointment as I have moved up here from Kent and needed a new hairdresser . It is a very friendly place and I didnt bother to try elsewhere as I felt so welcomed so immediately . Joanna did my colour on Saturday late afternoon especially and I was very pleased indeed with it. I find the salon Blacks and Joanna who owns it and some of the customers who I met there a thoroughly lovely experiance and one lady has invited me to go to yoga too with her as I was searching for a class nearby . Joanna gave me a voucher for next time and I have already booked that next time. Very satisfied indeed with my new hairdressers.
    Margaret Wallis Stourton Lane Reviewed 30th September 2019 11:40 AM
  • 5 star reviewBeen coming to Blacks many years now and although retired still drive over to Garforth and get my barnet cut with Joanna at her salon Blacks. I am always welcomed in and also straight into the in full flow conversations that take place there. It's a great place and a good mix of people go. Joanna is a good people person and her clients are loyal due to this .She is very fair priced and I always have a very large hot chocolate there with cream on and cookies at no extra cost and a copy of The Telegraph or latest car mag or Hello or Yorkshire Life or even the Argos catalog is readily available and I just chill out there. Its everything combined together really at Blacks that make going there so nice .
    Ray Sadler NYorkshire Reviewed 29th September 2019 8:07 AM
  • 5 star reviewI had my hair highlighted and restyled at Blacks by Joanna after seeing my sister in laws hair on Friday . Joanna did an amazing job and its half the price I pay in Leeds too. I live very near her and that's how we knew of her and were recomended by our neighbours who Joanna visits . The salon has a really good atmosphere and Joanna says, it's called happy talk as it's good for peoples health . Other customers were so nice to me too , as it was as if I'd been a regular there years aswell like Em had said also. Joanna's prices at Blacks are all inclusive so no surprising extras added on to bump up the approx price given, which I think is really good as you know where you are money wise with her from the first call to enquire and you can pay with mobile bank transfer so no fees there either. I even got a voucher too for next time which I have also booked along with Em for nearer Xmas too late on a friday evening too. I am very happy with everything at Blacks .
    Hailey Clarkson Colton Ls15 Reviewed 24th September 2019 12:53 PM
  • 5 star reviewFantastic colourist and a fabulous cutter and a really nice person. Joanna at Blacks has cut and coloured my hair the best I have ever known . It's a very nice salon and makes you feel really happy somehow as it's not over priced and she listens to you and takes her time. I have already booked for Christmas too.
    Emma Clarkson Colton LS 15 Reviewed 23rd September 2019 5:46 PM
  • 5 star reviewMy hairdresser is Joanna at Blacks and she is a very good hairdresser too. A great woman with a great personality who loves food . I have seen her at the salon and in restaurants socially and eats more than any other woman I have ever come across and has the most unbelievable figure to match . A beautiful woman inside and out and all my family love her too.Thankyou for your kindness this past year .
    Russel S Jacobs Collingham Reviewed 20th September 2019 6:42 PM
  • 5 star reviewI go to Blacks where Joanna is on Sundays as I am an air hostess but I also go to Cookridge Hall . Joanna highlights my hair the best ever and I really enjoy going there too. Joanna is so real and down to earth as we were all on about glasses at coffee once, being Ray Ban or such and she just chelps up " Mine are from Asda kids section £45 mutifocal all in " and it made us laugh because hers looked the most expensive actually and that's just how she is all the time. Everyone likes her for it too. I always love my hair too .
    Sarah Limbert Victoria Mount Horsforth Reviewed 20th September 2019 1:53 PM
  • 5 star reviewIt is never ever boring at Blacks that's for sure I agree. I have known Joanna since we were kids at school and just walked into Blacks one sunny Saturday afternoon as my daughter was looking at all the characters in the window and I heard all this laughter and realised it was in fact Joanna . We went in and Joanna made us so welcome and just included us along with everyone and my daughter absolutely loved it there . Charlotte now has her hair done there and refuses to go anywhere else and I have a little trim every so often as I have long hair too. It's a really nice place and Joanna has always had a nice personality for as long as I have known her she has been the same .
    Jill & Charlotte Evan's Otley Road Headingley Leeds Reviewed 19th September 2019 3:08 PM
  • 5 star reviewI go to Blacks for a haircut often as Joanna is a good hairdresser and a nice person. I go on a Sunday as I am a HGV driver which takes up my week. I like going because I feel welcomed and comfortable and she is down to earth and we have good chats about all subjects .
    Neil Simmons Tadcsster Reviewed 19th September 2019 11:09 AM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna at Black's has been my hairdresser since I was born so we go back 28 years . I have very long hair and just have it just sprayed with water and trimmed and it costs £9 that's all every 3 months. The reason I come to Joanna at her salon is because I am disabled and she has always made me welcome and looked after me and she makes me laugh. Joanna loves animals and to hear about my cat Felix and what hes been up to. I work at St James hospital but live in Kippax which is next to Garforth where Black's is and can go on Sunday afternoon and it's very easy to park . Joanna always makes yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows on the top and they are included in the price . Joanna is a really nice person and I have always had her to cit my hair for that reason.
    Janet Cooper from Kippax Reviewed 17th September 2019 3:10 PM
  • 5 star reviewI am on my way too to Goodwood too doing this so if I see Billy today I will give him a kiss from you too aswell. It is always a pleasure to come to Blacks ,which I do so every 5 weeks and have done for 10 years or so now. Being in the car business myself it would be my dream to have Joanna as a car sales woman because they'd fly out. She once floated in , interrupted me in a very serious sale of a vehicle of considerable cost and just said if you can afford it theres really no question is there and floated off again . That's how we became friends . Great hairdresser and although very cheeky the greatest car sales woman I've ever known .
    Melvin Abraham JAGUAR Stoke on Trent Reviewed 12th September 2019 10:53 AM
  • 5 star reviewVery good hairdresser indeed and a very nice woman .
    Paul (from Thorpe Park ) Reviewed 11th September 2019 4:24 PM
  • 5 star reviewI have my haircut by Joanna at her salon Blacks when I am in the UK (reside in USA) Known her years. Shes always been the same , meaning a a very good hairdresser and a lovely person. We all spent our youth together that's how I know her. Always made so welcome with a massive hug and introduced as a life long great pal . The salon has never altered ever and it's a real nice atmosphere always . Until next summer then Joanna .
    Rob M Clyde , Florida USA & Harrogate Reviewed 10th September 2019 8:47 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna my fab hairdresser who bangs really good quality China crockery about as if it was rubber and wonders why her mother used to tell her off when she washed up as a kid . A great day today laughing at the past and just acting silly. I love my hair doing at Blscks by Joanna but then I have been having it done by her for 22 years mind. Love Nadine X
    Nadine Jackson Cotswold Drive Reviewed 8th September 2019 4:31 PM
  • 5 star reviewMy name is Isobel and I am 15months old. Today I had my first ever haircut at Blacks in Garforth where Winnie the Pooh lives. The lady there is called Joanna and she is a really nice lady and let me have Winnie in the next chair to me. I have golden blonde curly hair and Joanna told my mummy that I was so beautiful whilst she trimmed it so it would look tidier. Joanna wanted my sparkly trainers but they would have been too small for her she said. It was really nice having my first haircut at Blacks with all the Disney characters . My mummy said that we will return soon too. I waved goodbye and blew kisses to Joanna as I crossed the zebra crossing to mummy's car .
    Holly Bell (Isobels mum) Ringway Garforth Reviewed 8th September 2019 9:34 AM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is not only our hairdresser but our neighbour of many years too. She comes to our home mostly or we go there to the salon (in summer) . Joanna is a very good hairdresser and very bubbly and although she eats all our biscuits she always brings us a little cake each too. My husband is very fond of her because she cheers him up as hes not such a well man and it is a bit of a lift for him as he was a keen golfer before illness made it difficult and he is mostly housebound now especially in bad weather which is why Joanna comes to us . We call Joanna our happy visitor because she is and makes us happy too.
    Diane & Roy Hill Darnley Lane ls15 Reviewed 3rd September 2019 5:30 PM
  • 5 star reviewOur hairdresser is Joanna at Blacks here in Garforth. We have been having our hair done by her for many years now. I not so long ago lost all my hair due to chemotherapy treatment which made me very depressed but still went to see Joanna at her salon when my husband was having his cut . Immediately I got a massive hug and an even bigger "How are you Caroline ?" from Joanna . Joanna is as people say like a breath of fresh air and even though I have been very poorly she incorporates her concern within the laughter and antics that go on. My husband likes to go because they talk about cars alot of the time and its Dave's favourite subject . He also likes the way Joanna cuts his hair as it's very thick and curly but Joanna has taught him how to gel it so it stays under control until his next cut. I usually have cut and colour but not at the moment . It's not just a hair salon Blacks it's like a really happy little island and such a lovely place to look forward to going to.
    Caroline & David Robinson Acaster Drive Garforth LS25 Reviewed 3rd September 2019 10:34 AM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is my hairdresser at Blacks here in Garforth and has been for around 12 years. I just call her book my cut and highlights in and that's it because she knows me so well and my hair is always perfectly coloured and cut every time and is not ridiculously priced either. Joanna is a very in fact extremely fun person and a very kind person too. I work shifts being a policewoman and she fits me in every time and has even stayed over to do so . The atmosphere in her salon is always so nice and everyone just seems to chat together very naturally as if they all know each other. I believe this is a result of Joanna's own natural personality being this way and people just feeling comfortable in Black her lovely salon.
    Louise Adams Garforth Reviewed 1st September 2019 8:59 AM
  • 5 star reviewMy name is Enid Cawood and I di not do Google .I have known Joanna firstly starting out as my hairdresser for almost 40 years which is how our close friendship developed from. I have never gone anywhere else ever in all those years and quite frankly wouldnt want to as long as Joanna is there. Joanna is a very kind hearted person and always cheers me up and especially recently as I have just lost my husband Gordon who liked Joanna very much too and she thought he was really naturally funny as hed been in the guards and was quite a serious chap but joanna won him over. Joanna was very kind to me during his illness as it was a loss to her too. My hair is always cut perfectly and I love my time in the salon as joanna makes everything fun and makes sure I eat and drink if not immediately but somewhere in that time . She makes me laugh alot and thinks I am still about 40 but that's because she doesnt see age she tells me . Joanna is as people say a really lovely person and I can most certainly vouch for that.
    Mrs Enid Cawood 39 Derwent Avenue Garforth Reviewed 31st August 2019 2:32 PM
  • 5 star reviewLovely lady and good hairdresser. Had my hair cut on Sunday for first time ever with Joanna at this salon. I am really shy in hairdressers but she made me laugh and I felt instantly very comfortable . Joanna certainly knows her cars and I was very impressed . Nice atmosphere and beyond excellent service and doesnt overcharge. I will most certainly be returning to Blacks .
    TONY HUNTER MERCEDES BENZ Reviewed 19th August 2019 6:09 PM
  • 5 star reviewI have been coming to Blacks for quite a few years now as Joanna is a good hairdresser and also a very nice person. Joanna is fun loving and it's just a very happy atmosphere in her salon due to this. Joanna is very understanding about everything and very kind to everyone and there is no rushing . My hair is always cut perfectly as it's quite strong and wavy and it's so shiny and sleek when I leave . Joanna is also good with animals as even dogs stop at her door like my two and wont budge until shes aknowledged them both. Joanna will even come to your home if you cant get to the salon as she did with my mum before she passed away in May and like others have mentioned did not charge. Blacks is like a little refreshing Island my husband always says and that Joanna is truly a breath of fresh air there .
    Trish Wilcox Garforth Reviewed 18th August 2019 12:47 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna at Blacks is a very good hairdresser and a very nice woman indeed. I am always made very welcome and we have good conversation always too. I first came to her about 4 years ago as passing through and as she will go out of her way to fit you in then so will I too because I couldnt imagine really going elsewhere now . It's a really happy place Blacks and I like going very much .
    Neil Crossland York Reviewed 17th August 2019 4:48 PM
  • 5 star review Completely and utterly raving nutty crackers potty but the greatest friend and hairdresser anyone could have. I have known Joanna a very long time and she has always been the same. Very good hairdresser , great fun ,big hearted and good to all people.
    Becky Thomas Garforth Reviewed 13th August 2019 6:38 PM
  • 5 star reviewAlways a pleasure coming to see Joanna at her salon Blacks in Garforth . Joanna is always joyful and uplifting and just a very happy person to be around and a nice person too who genuinely cares about people . My hair is always beautiful and I have been coming here over 10 years . Joanna is very funny sometimes but so natural and real when she is talking. My parents both thought the world of her when they were alive as that's how I met her actually as I was living in Australia years ago and returned due to them becoming ill and infirm . Absolutely love Joanna to bits since meeting her . A really genuine character who is very good at her job. Love you Jo x
    Lou Lou Atkinson Garforth Reviewed 11th August 2019 5:46 PM
  • 5 star reviewWe dont do Google account but are leaving our thoughts here regarding our relationship with Joanna at Blacks. Due to living partly in Portugal we are only back here in summer . Joanna has done both our hair for possibly now 30 years and up until retiring (both in police) and now in the summers upon our return. We love her ! Reason why is because not just her being a very good hairdresser but a very nice person too. Joanna is so welcoming and a very uplifting person . We lost our son Jonathan in a motorbike accident about 15 years ago and joanna did his first ever hair cut which we have photos of as we go back many years . Both Greame and I always call to see her throughout our summers back here in UK as we did yesterday and always will . That massively welcoming "HELLO" is the first thing we always tend to hear when we phone or call in too.
    Corinne & Greame Portugal & UK Reviewed 11th August 2019 8:40 AM
  • 5 star reviewLove this woman too. Joanna cuts my hair on a Sunday as I am a doctor and only have Sundays free which is a God send. We all come from virtually the same area and have known her years, although I live in Otley now , I couldnt imagine anyone else ever cutting my hair. Seeing Joanna is like coming home and back down to earth and we always have great chats as she is not just a very good hairdresser she has a lovely character too.
    Zoe Green otley Reviewed 8th August 2019 4:16 PM
  • 5 star review I just walked into Blacks for advice out of the blue about my colour 10 years ago and that was it Joanna immediately told told me this "Beige blonde darling not ash blonde and that's where you are going wrong !" Straight to point she was and I can be difficult so she won me over with her quick response expertise assertive attitude there I can assure everyone. Joanna has seen me through to two kids later aswell now . Great woman ! I Love her zest and genuine down to earth tell it like it is attitude .My kids love her to bits too. My hair is always fab !
    Lyndsey Moore Headingley Reviewed 8th August 2019 1:49 PM
  • 5 star reviewFabulous hairdresser and Fabulous person. I love her x
    Nikki Kendal Headingley Reviewed 3rd August 2019 5:10 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna has been my hairdresser for approx 35 years and not just a fantastic hairdresser all those years but a marvelous friend too. I look forward to my hair colouring and cutting every 4 weeks at Blacks which is a very happy comfortable salon. Throughout knowing Joanna she has been very good to me as I was seriously ill for quite some time and had to have a life changing operation . Joanna has catered for my health needs upon every visit to the salon always since too. Apart from that she did me a surprise photograph of one of my favourite places Runswick Bay in a beautiful frame and also said "once I was feeling up to it she would take me there too." Joanna kept to her word and I had the most wonderful time and so much fun in her company, so she said " I shall take you again" and did so for a retirement gift for me . Plus she never forgets my birthday either and sometimes invites me out along with others if I feel up to it .Joanna has been the most genuine kind and caring thoughtful hairdresser and friend to me beyond measure .
    Margaret Ellis 34 Beech Grove Avenue LS25 Reviewed 2nd August 2019 2:33 PM
  • 5 star reviewI do not live in the UK full time but come back here in the summer. I also call to see Joanna who I have also known many years, at her salon Blacks whilst here , which I did this weekend. Not only is she a very no nonsense fair priced excellent hairdresser she is also a very down to earth what I'd consider real genuine character . It's like coming home spending time with her and we just carry on from our last meet up.i certainly laugh alot in her company as she is never ever boring. My whole time at Blacks is just a refreshing experiance as I always have considered Joanna like a breath of fresh air taking me away from my stresses and strains of my own business concerns . I have actually known her since 1980 firstly as my hairdresser when she was younger and she has always been the same both in her salon at Blacks and also socially over the years . A very good hairdresser and a very nice person .
    Carol Bradley Leeds Reviewed 1st August 2019 8:44 AM
  • 5 star reviewI walked in here 11 years ago and I've been walking in ever since. Reason being the owner Joanna . I was treated better than I have been treated anywhere in my life. Champion woman she is and good talker . I have tea and chocolate biscuits whilst I have my hair cut and we talk cars because she knows her cars does Joanna . Down to earth nice woman who is interested in folk and good to them too as I am one of them .
    Jim Clark Rothwell Reviewed 31st July 2019 11:53 AM
  • 5 star reviewI have been coming to Joanna at Blacks many years and so did my late husband . It certainly is a very happy place as people say. Joanna is a very kind lady and came to our house in my husband's last few years as he had Parkinsons Disease and he thought alot about her as I did too for this. I go over to Blacks regularly and really enjoy myself as Joanna makes everything fun as she is so cheery. Many times Joanna has stopped to give me a lift if she has seen me anytime . My hair is cut beautifully and I do not need to do anything but wash it now and this has been marvelous, plus people think I look better too. Joanna's prices are very good value and she will only do what is right and easy to manage and look nice for you. I have always been very happy at Blacks.
    Lynne M Dobson Garforth Reviewed 31st July 2019 10:56 AM
  • 5 star reviewA very happy hairdresser who makes other people like myself happy too. Joanna has been my hairdresser for 20 years and is a perfectionist in her work. My hair is always done exactly as I like it. The salon is always full of uplifting chatter and laughter . People of all walks of life are all welcomed and everyone just blends in together. Joanna is a real genuinely lovely person with a great personality who is excellent with all people .
    Angie Wilkinson Garforth Reviewed 31st July 2019 9:50 AM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna at Blacks is great with kids and did my son Alex's first haircut when I had mine first done . Now my 9 month old daughter Grace has had her first tiny snip too this weekend . It's just a nice place for adults & kids alike . Joanna is an incredibly cheery and friendly nice lady.
    Marcus, Alex & Grace Cooper Aberford Reviewed 29th July 2019 2:57 PM
  • 5 star reviewMy hairdresser Joanna is an absolute tonic. I had my hair cut yesterday (Saturday ) and she made me laugh as she was driving to Birmingham later on and was impersonated the clients who are always rushing . It was probably the funniest I'd ever experienced of all my visits to Blacks . My hair is always coloured and cut to perfection even though all this goes on . It is so uplifting going to Blacks because there is never a dull moment there ever . Always a lovely person and always a very happy place .
    Jackie Adams Garforth Reviewed 28th July 2019 5:05 PM
  • 5 star reviewWe have known Joanna many years and a nicer woman you couldnt meet . Extremely thoughtful and kind hearted and seen us through many events in our family . Joanna is a brilliant hairdresser and has a brilliant personality to match. Never a dull moment in the salon. Everyone talks in like one big conversation . Very good with people she is too. There's no rushing though as Joanna cant tolerate it and it's sometimes very funny how she responds to being time challenged by anyone. Its is a very happy place thats for sure and very homely and cosey too.
    Sarah & Rob Harrison kippax Reviewed 27th July 2019 1:59 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna has been our hairdresser for 18 years and is not just a very good hairdresser but a very kind natured hairdresser too. The salon is a very comfortable welcoming and happy place and everyone chats together .There is always alot of laughter too come to that because Joanna has a fantastic quick witted sense of humour and if you went into the salon down in the dumps say , then I certainly guarantee you wont when you come out . Prices are very fair for the attention and time Joanna takes and our hair is always as we like it and always has been, as others have said from day one. We are and always have been very happy .
    Jayne & Nick Aspinall Mickelfield Reviewed 27th July 2019 8:30 AM
  • 5 star reviewA very good hairdresser who knows her stuff and is a very funny lady who is great company .Always a happy greeting on phone and a warm welcome upon arrival. An all round nice woman who is good at her job .
    Dan Collins Garforth Reviewed 26th July 2019 4:26 PM
  • 5 star reviewI cant leave a Google review, as I dont have a Google account ,so I am putting mine for Blacks on this alternative here. For the last 10 years Joanna has been cutting my hair at this salon that she owns . Joanna is very direct which I appreciated from the first ever appointment I had ,shes doesnt mess about and i certainly felt reassured and she also did exactly as she said and the rest is history . Joanna is a very kind woman and very good with all people.
    Cath Dickson Leeds Reviewed 24th July 2019 2:33 PM
  • 5 star reviewBeen coming to Blacks approx 7 years . Joanna who owns the salon is an extremely nice person and is very easy to get on with . My hair has always been spot on from first day I ever walked through her door. I like coming to Blacks because the atmosphere is so welcoming , which is down to Joanna's good personality . Joanna is down to earth and has a great sense of humour and my late mum was fond of her too as she did her hair for many years also and didnt charge her towards the end which was very kind of her too.
    Stuart Connor Castleford Reviewed 23rd July 2019 6:28 PM
  • 5 star reviewMy hairdresser is Joanna at Blacks also and has been not just an excellent hairdresser to me for many years, but one of the most kindest and thoughtful people I have ever known. Joanna has a really very unique personality and although takes her work very seriously, she also is so full of life and nice to be around. The atmosphere in Blacks is always happy and people all talk together (even newcomers ) there is no awkward feel ever and nor does Joanna push selling anything, but by the time she's spoken in great detail to you regarding your hair you feel and know for sure that you are in the hands of someone who knows what's shes' talking about and feel very well cared for. Josnna takes her time with every single person whoever you are . I love to go to her salon on a Sunday as I am a nurse and can get my sleep rebalanced beforehand . I relax with the Hello mag and as many coffees as I want whilst I wait my highlights developing. I live quite near too so what could bd better than all this. Great stuff !!!!
    Caroline Hirst Garforth Reviewed 22nd July 2019 3:25 PM
  • 5 star reviewBeen coming here since moving to Garforth from London . Just walked in about 5 years ago one Sunday and was made very welcome by Joanna .We have great conversations and she makes me laugh whilst cutting my hair brilliantly. I just find the whole time I am there a rather refreshing experiance to be quite honest with everyone .
    RUSSEL CLARK GARFORTH Reviewed 18th July 2019 12:26 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna has been my hairdresser at her salon Blacks for many years . Nothing is too much trouble for her and she is a very good hearted person . I have experienced this after being seriously ill a few years ago as she was very good to me and actually lifted my spirits at a very bad time in my life as I was very depressed and wouldnt go out and it was Joanna that actually helped me conquer that. The salon atmosphere is always happy and everyone chats together . My hair is always exactly as I want it and the price never alters ever and its like an outing for me too.
    Margaret Hall Garforth Reviewed 17th July 2019 2:15 PM
  • 5 star reviewNot just a nice place I'd say a really nice place with a really nice owner. Couldn't do enough for us today .This woman has the patience of a saint with kids and is a very good hairdresser .
    Dave & Nathan LS15 Reviewed 14th July 2019 7:39 PM
  • 5 star reviewA great personality and a great hairdresser. Joanna has been doing my hair 10 years or more. I work all over the UK and sometimes abroad and one of my favourite things every month is calling in to see her and totally chilling and having a natter about nothing in particular whilst she expertly cuts my hair.
    Colin Naylor Selby Reviewed 13th July 2019 9:28 AM
  • 5 star reviewPOTTY ! but one of the nicest people you could wish to meet . Joanna has done my hair for 30 odd years and you never know what shes going to tell you but it will always be entertaining even if it's supposed to be serious aswell and it is very funny sometimes when she is talking openly on the phone.Joanna will never do something that isnt right for your hair and explains why in great detail so you understand . Children love her in fact they are mesmerized I'd say better describes it because she is always eating and they cant believe how many times she offers them more biscuits juice and sweets as she is a very kind generous person too. The salon hasn't changed either in all the time I have been going and there is as everyone says a nice atmosphere at all times .
    Sue Brown Garforth Reviewed 12th July 2019 10:22 AM
  • 5 star reviewMy hairdresser Joanna has been cutting my hair for 36 years and is one of the kindest honest (sometimes brutally but caringly brutally I mean ) thoughtful people I have ever met . My hair is cut absolutely perfectly every single time and is a simple style and a simple price to match . Joanna cares for peoples welfare and has helped me enormously over the years with certain things that have happened to me (too long to mention) she loves animals and oddly they love her too as my cat is very timid and theres only Joanna she allows to pick her up which we cant believe as no one else is allowed . Lovelly atmosphere in the salon and stimulating conversation and nobody is left out everyones two penneth has to be contributed .The coffees are delicious and very large good quality and lovely cakes or biscuits served alongside too. Joanna is both serious when necessary but more than anything the best way to describe her is very postively uplifting and extremely witty good fun .
    Jean Moore Aberford Reviewed 11th July 2019 9:14 PM
  • 5 star reviewGreat ! Called this lady last minute and she said if you can get here in exactly half a nano second as she was just about to close . What a welcome even though shed been ready for off. Made us both a hot chocolate each and cut my sons hair so excellently and chatted away about rugby to him as if they'd known each other all his 11 years . Very pleased and will be back to Blacks .
    Martin & Joel Sandford Tadcaster Reviewed 10th July 2019 4:37 PM
  • 5 star reviewA really good hairdresser a really nice place and a really nice woman indeed.
    Simone & Paul Florida Reviewed 6th July 2019 6:42 PM
  • 5 star reviewMy lovely friend Joanna cut my neglected long hair yesterday and I love it so much now again . We all went out to the restaurant later in the evening and had a nice time as I am here in England for 5days as I live in Croatia. I am a hotel receptionist in Pula and work different times of the day and am here in the UK again with Joanna who is a very kind heart woman and my happy friend too. X
    Nadia Todic from Croatia Reviewed 4th July 2019 11:16 AM
  • 5 star review Nuts but nice nuts ! Always pleasant and welcoming and very funny at times. Jo is a kind person and good to people of all walks of life. Very good at her job and doesnt overcharge and you can have as many coffees as you want there. I always come away satisfied and book my next appointment as I leave .
    Sarah Brooke NHS Leeds Reviewed 2nd July 2019 11:12 AM
  • 5 star review I have been taking my kids toJosnna at Blacks for years now and the reason why I do is due to the owner Joanna . Joanna is a very friendly welcoming and warm fun loving full of spirit and has a lot of tenderness in her heart as one of my children is autistic and they need patience and understanding and Joanna was like this with him from the first visit and we have been coming ever since to her . My kids love her and that does honesty speak for itself in my opinion. Great little cosey place too.
    Paul , Thomas , Daisey Williamson Great Preston Reviewed 1st July 2019 11:43 AM
  • 5 star reviewNot often a hairdresser tells you that you look like someone returning from some type of long expedition in the outback . This one here did about 3 years ago and I have been going to Blacks ever since. Joanna is a very fun person and a very nice person and an excellent hairdresser. I like her .
    Bill Wray Cas Reviewed 30th June 2019 9:30 AM
  • 5 star reviewCrazy totally but the greatest hairdresser and most kind hearted and fun friend anyone could ever wish for. X
    Pat Leeds Reviewed 29th June 2019 12:57 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna at Blacks is an excellent hairdresser and has been doing my hair since I came to live in Leeds . I have a trim on my long hair approx every 3 months and she doesn't charge too much either for doing it. I am offered a coffee & biscuits every time too. Joanna is a very approachable fun loving person and down to earth lady and leaps about in the salon and Nathan my 5 year old son loves to come with me and chats away to her too as he drinks orange juice and eats biscuits also. Its is certainly a very welcoming and friendly happy place .
    Helen & Nathan Davis Sherburn In Elmete Reviewed 29th June 2019 8:04 AM
  • 5 star review Refreshingly real ! I first met Joanna when I called into Blacks about 5 years ago for advice about me hair as I never went regularly to the hairdressers . I do now though. Joanna got me back to my natural colour and put highlights in and as my hair is naturally wavy I never dry it. I enjoy going to her as not only is she a very good hairdresser i enjoy her company because she is good company and also very good to people .
    Tina Johnson Cookridge LS16 Reviewed 25th June 2019 5:24 PM
  • 5 star review Very good with children. We take our kids to joanna because she has definitely got the midas touch fir some reason . Gigantic marshmallows and jelly beans on hand too. Both my kids absolutely love her and become putty in her hands and love going for their hair cutting at Blacks.
    Ryan Harper Colton LS15 Reviewed 24th June 2019 4:35 PM
  • 5 star reviewI come to Joanna at Blacks because she is firstly a good hairdresser and doesn't charge overly high prices yet gives each person alot of attention and in fact gives everyone who is there alot of care and attention which I feel comes naturally to her. My husband never used to come with me and just dropped me off and collected me but he comes far earlier and Joanna makes him a frothy coffee and ginger biscuits and we talk about alsorts and he loves to join in. It is a very nice atmosphere in Blacks and I could never imagine going elsewhere for all these reasons.Joanna is such a lovely woman and has a very nice personality and shows interest in everyone . A very nice happy comfortable place.
    Ruth & Ian Spence Lesdston Reviewed 21st June 2019 1:12 PM
  • 5 star reviewI do not have a Google sign in so here is my review of my hairdresser at Blacks. Joanna is not just a very good hairdresser that has done my hair for 20 years but is also a very lovelly lady. Joanna always says or writes the nicest of things and they are genuine as she is an extremely kind and thoughtful person . Joanna was very good to me after my accident and I was very anxious and she told me one day you will almost skip back into the salon .She was so right I did too. I love going there !
    Debbie Kent Crossgates LS15 Reviewed 20th June 2019 6:10 PM
  • 5 star reviewI am a retired pilot and up until 18 months ago was a flying instructor which is how I met Joanna . Her nick name for me was bush baby and I had never been called such a name like this by anyone. However I did actually think she was right as I could have done with a bit of a make over in the hair department so I went to her salon and that's how we became friends. Although I live in North Yorkshire and maybe dont go to the hairdressers as often as I should the main thing I'd like to say is that Joanna became a very supportive friend to me after my wife Lynne passed away and invited me to events along with others because that is her nature . Thats how I know Joanna loves Eton mess and creme brulee and will eat yours if she can . A very good hairdresser and a thoughtful caring friend too .
    Andrew Harris Ripon Reviewed 17th June 2019 9:25 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna is a friend of my mums and a really nice person and loves animals and MrWhippy ice cream . She drinks many cups of tea in a day and will eat all your biscuits . When they all get together all you hear is laughter .They actually even eat before they go out for a meal. Joanna's salon is a very nice happy place and she used to cut my hair when we lived in Harrogate .
    Alex Giorgiou (Androula's son ) London Reviewed 17th June 2019 3:47 PM
  • 5 star reviewNot just a very good hairdresser and also is a very genuine person if dealing with either the everyday man on the street or mixing socially with celebrities. Being in her company is very refreshing and she makes sure everyone is included.
    Androula Giorgiou London Reviewed 17th June 2019 2:56 PM
  • 5 star reviewOut of all of us joanna always had this unique way of her own. Her attitude was and still is a type of high simplicity . In fact she always found things funny and pointless futile hardship if it wasnt. There was all these pantomimes carrying on but she used to just like watch from the sidelines and didnt get too involved and in fact found it all very funny.At hair shows she was more bothered about the food than outrageous unnecessary totally ridiculous styles that no one in their right mind would walk about with . A down to earth realist with a kind joyful understanding personality who is great company and welcomes everyone and makes them feel comfortable into her salon. It's not just joannas hairdressing skills that have seen her longevity it's her character and personality too. Especially when she says to people "When you look in the mirror and think to yourself my hair needs seeing to then that's when it needs seeing to." No pressure no hard sell It all speaks for itself
    VV PANEL HARROGATE Reviewed 17th June 2019 12:47 PM
  • 5 star review A massive poodle in your head ????? Think yourself lucky I had two large garden tables and 8 made up chairs on my head in that car once. LAUGH !! wasnt the word.It was an absolute scream . Joanna is a very naturally funny person unless something is on her mind and we have all to thrash ot out with her at times . However she is not just a good hairdresser that goes without saying but the best friend anyone could have and absolutely great company there is never a dull moment . When we are all together time just passes so quickly as it has all these years. Joanna welcomes everyone and no one is lonely or bored around her . She is both upliftingl and has immense compassion and empathy if anything has happened . Even though she eats all the cakes. I have very thick curly hair and it takes her that long as we just chatter and laugh and laugh and laugh . I have known her many many years but all I can say is dont be in any kind of rush that's or have any chocolate cake or sweets on you when you go or even Jersey Royal Spuds in fact . She loves old fashioned cakes like fondant fancies and Battenburg and has Bern known to eat almost a whole Victoria sponge . Absolutely potty but an absolute marvelous friend too.X
    MEL P NW LONDON Reviewed 17th June 2019 11:52 AM
  • 5 star reviewAfter our radio meet up in Chapel Allerton Leeds I called to Joanna's salon on Friday as she used to cut my hair too before i went to live in Scotland (due to work relocation) she cut my hair and trimmed my beard and all we did was laugh about the time she saw me whilst driving and offered me a lift only it was a two seater car and in the passenger seat was a gigantic poodle and BOTH were wearing sunglasses .I asked her where am I actually going to sit .Not often one gets a lift with a massive standard poodle on their head. Who by the way had exactly the same personality as Joanna that of being both completely potty aswell as very lovable. Joanna thought it was really funny and still does . I think to be able to laugh like we both did yesterday says it all.
    Jonathan Brown Meanwood &Fife Scotland Reviewed 15th June 2019 7:59 AM
  • 5 star reviewI have known Joanna about 10 years and she does my hair and my daughter Emily too. Emily loves Joanna as shes always eating something nice and shares it with her . In fact I have never not been here and shes not eating as everyone is always eating and drinking in Blacks as Joanna asks several times "Are you sure you dont want anything ?" but what is very funny is that she then says "Dont be frightened " which I find really funny as she is being serious . One thing Joanna is not very good at is technology and because I teach i find it very comically how she goes about things as it's rather unique and makes me laugh .My hair is always fantastic as she highlights and trims it exactly how I love it and always says to me my highlights are the colour of Emily's hair. Joanna is a very nice person and Emily loves her to bits .
    Julia & Emily Ford Ninelands Lane Garforth Reviewed 14th June 2019 12:12 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna was cutting my hair one particular time and was telling me a story about this hairdresser friend of hers Howard who thought hed have a little break and a bite to eat at his salon in Leeds and sat on a crochet hook and ended up at the LGI in casualty. It was the funniest story I had ever heard and did we laugh !!
    Jeff Goldman Wigton Lane Ls17 Reviewed 13th June 2019 8:09 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna has been cutting my hair for about 17 years and it's always spot on . The salon is always full of laughter and great conversations go on . It is a very happy establishment. Joanna is a devil at times but in a lovable way . We worked together for quite some time and she was really good to me and used to bring me all these delicious foods .I used to get cross with her as she used to make faces at me sometimes as I was so serious then . Thankfully I am not so these days although zjoanna loves to remind me by impersonating me from when I used to be so which makes me laugh. There is no one else who can manage my curly hair like her but along with that I have always loved her company and we do laugh alot and especially about the days we worked together on the radio.
    Richard Small ST JAMES HOSPITAL Reviewed 13th June 2019 7:10 PM
  • 5 star reviewA very compassionate caring and kind hairdresser and friend . There is no feeling of rush or no time to speak thoroughly . Joanna equally listens as much as she talks and "gets it" so to speak .A very entertaining person especially when she sang the weather bulletin over the air off by heart just like that and it then went onto absolutely ridiculous potty things besides the weather which she just reeled off so naturally. An excellent hairdresser and a marvelous funny uplifting caring friend X
    Christine Leeds Reviewed 13th June 2019 12:17 PM
  • 5 star reviewI have known Joanna 17 years both as my hairdresser and a very good friend . I first met her through her voluntary work and was mesmerised by her joyful personality and her being in mine and many other peoples opinions an absolute natural radio presenter with that very uplifting personality that is just her. I have never worked alongside anyone quite like her and that is how our friendship began really. I am very fond of her for many reasons and recovering from an illness, shall we just describe it ,myself she came to my home on many occasions and did my hair free and cheered me up whilst undergoing the treatment I was having and I let her off eating all the chocolate penguins which she used to sing "Pick up a person " instead and it really did make me happy during the horrific experience. A truly great person and with a very kind thoughtful nature . See you next month darling X
    Mal NHS Leeds Reviewed 12th June 2019 10:34 PM
  • 5 star reviewAn attractive down to earth very refreshing friendly woman who not only is a good hairdresser but knows alot about cars .
    Phil Castleford Reviewed 12th June 2019 2:53 PM
  • 5 star reviewAnyone that welcomes in a gypsie traveller who wants to sell something but ends up joining in the conversation and having a coffee and then leaving the other person a fiver has got to be unique . That is Joanna my hairdresser Been coming many years and she has never changed . Joanna is funny at times as she talks openly on the phone and even when she is serious it is still funny . A very genuine character who genuinely cares as she has been very good to me not only as being my long time excellent hairdresser but someone who gives her time to others who might just need a touch of some kind of support in anything. One thing for sure she will make you smile whatever. A very good hairdresser and a lovelly person.X
    Beth Charlesworth Harrogate Reviewed 12th June 2019 8:13 AM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna my hairdresser is a great all round quality kind of posh what you see is what you get kind hearted thoughtful extremely comical excellent hairdresser.
    Tony Garforth Reviewed 7th June 2019 10:39 PM
  • 5 star reviewI have known Joanna for 38 years as a friend and my hairdresser. Joanna is a very warm kind welcoming extremely caring and very thoughtful friend aswell and has seen me through quite a few rough patches in my life and tells me as it is has always been there for support. My hair is always coloured and cut excellently . I love coming to the salon and have met many other people there too. Joanna makes sure everyone is included in the many topics that we all discuss together and we really do laugh at times and have endless cups of coffee and little goodies. It is actually and always has been a pleasure to go and is like an outing really as I go home feeling great.
    Pam Woodcock The Drive Kippax Reviewed 7th June 2019 7:29 PM
  • 5 star reviewI have been coming to Blacks and having my hair done by joanna for many years and it is always a lovelly afternoon as we always have a good laugh and lots of conversations and super coffee. I never know what I am going to walk into and joanna loves it if I go in my bag and she hears me rustling sweetie papers and never has just one ever and even asks for another 2. I really enjoy coming here and my husband always wants to know what went on. A very happy comfortable place with a very happy lovelly owner.
    Sheila Walton Aberford Reviewed 7th June 2019 1:51 PM
  • 5 star review A very good hairdresser indeed with very fair prices and not one that tries to sell extras all the time . The atmosphere is extremely friendly which I feel is the owner (Joanna) natural way as she is a very genuine character and made me laugh on the telephone when I first rang her which was actually what made her stand out .I told her I had my lunch at 1pm and she just said couldn't I have it at 12 instead as she didnt have 1pm free and were the exact lunch time checking police coming . This actually made my husband laugh too and after meeting her then in person I realised what a genuinely kind thoughtful nice nature she truly has and it was all very pleasant indeed there .Very refreshing one may describe her and the salon I'd say.
    Caroline Larkin Reviewed 6th June 2019 10:55 AM
  • 5 star review I have been going to Joanna at Blacks for many years. Although absolutely totally potty sometimes she is a very thoughtful person and I recently had a bereavement and I have got to say she makes me happy on my visits and has been very understanding and has listened to me this past year and has actually helped me feel better.My hair is always cut very well too by the way .I thought I'd better add that in .
    Mike Dobson LS25 Reviewed 3rd June 2019 10:00 PM
  • 5 star reviewThe lady that owns this salon was very kind to my wife today .My wife has dementia and is rather difficult to handle and alot of people can not cope but this lady was very good to us and we also received a voucher and will certainly be returning.very much appreciated thsnkyou kindly .
    Jack & Monica Whitehead Scholes Leeds Reviewed 2nd June 2019 7:11 PM
  • 5 star reviewNot just an excellent hairdresser but a magnificent kind compassionate caring friend who never fails to uplift and help you see things in a more positive way ....I absolutely love herx
    AL Garforth Leeds Reviewed 30th May 2019 9:24 PM
  • 5 star reviewLast November 2018 we were in Garforth as we were house hunting st the was a very cold Sunday afternoon and we came across Blacks and saw the attractive welcoming window and popped our heads in.Joanna immediately greeted us with a very cheery hello and we complimented her upon the salon. Although we were not customers she invited us to get warm and even made us hot chocolates and before we knew it we were part of it all and involved in pleasant conversation with other customers . Since then we have now moved to Garforth and I have been to Blacks for my hair styling . I am writing this here as I do not have a Google account but I want to say that the service care and attention and of course her hospitality has welcomed us to Garfoth and we are so glad we met Joanna on that cold Sunday afternoon last year. It is certainly a very happy place and my hair was cut the best I think I have ever had .Many thanks !
    Fiona & David Clarke Church Lane Garforth Leeds Reviewed 8th May 2019 5:57 PM
  • 5 star review We have been coming to Blacks with our young son Elliot for quite some time now. The first time we came we noticed how he responded to Joanna. It was the way she was with him that was very noticable. Our son is autistic and sometimes this can be very difficult for him when meeting strangers . The outstanding patience and kindness and sensitivity shown to our son is why we go to her and have been for the last 5 years . Both my husband and I feel that there is something very special about Blacks and our son Elliot we know does too for sure .
    Claire Mike & Elliot Reviewed 27th March 2019 10:39 AM
    BLACKS SOLICITORS Reviewed 31st January 2019 2:34 AM
  • 1 star reviewOnly positive reviews allowed!
    Anon Reviewed 30th January 2019 11:42 AM
    BLACKS SOLICITORS Reviewed 13th January 2019 10:00 PM
  • 1 star review0/0
    Anonymous Reviewed 8th January 2019 2:19 PM
  • 5 star reviewThis hairdressers is very relaxing and the owner is a very kind natured lady it really was nice to come here. I felt very comfortable as other customers talked to me as if I was regularly attending here. It's the atmosphere that is very pleasant and nice conversation and a very nice owner l like her way very much she's different a quality character and very good hairdresser.
    Carole Atkinson (Wetherby) Reviewed 9th April 2018 11:25 AM
  • 5 star reviewVery good hairdresser and a very sassy lady.
    Rob (york) Reviewed 5th April 2018 1:22 PM
  • 5 star reviewAlthough I am not a hairdressing client of Joanna's I would just like to say after we met not so long ago I felt to just write this to you Thankyou Joanna.
    Annonymous x Reviewed 6th March 2018 1:16 AM
  • 5 star reviewAlways makes me laugh with her very funny stories.Whatever kind of week I have had I am always uplifted here . Life is always that bit more humorous than anywhere else at Blacks. My very funny hairdresser makes it seem that way and is a great hairdresser lawyer doctor scientist at same time. No worrying about what to cook either for she will tell you a recipe and also make the sound effects of what it will taste like too. Don't ever change joanna.
    Simon Wright Reviewed 26th February 2018 4:04 PM
  • 5 star reviewAbsolutely FAB !
    Another potty mixed racer x Reviewed 17th February 2018 8:53 PM
  • 5 star reviewBut there's still time for her mum to learn even though she won't change the tyre maybe as well as her dad can. Otherwise I agree so very refreshing.
    Yours Maximillon Reviewed 24th January 2018 9:54 PM
  • 5 star reviewMy hairdresser is so funny and really cheers me up (not that I am unhappy) but in a very breath of fresh air type of attitude that's so unique.sometimes she is so cheeky but only in fun and this Sunday made me laugh when she said women cook men hammer because the day she ever changes a tyre is the day she's gone mad and although her father cooks not as good as her mother ,there's no way on earth her mother would change a tyre and it made me smile as she is so attractive but to actually say something like that aswell as being a great hairdresser makes it a pleasure to go to Black's.
    David Wright Headingley leeds Reviewed 24th January 2018 8:37 PM
  • 5 star reviewDifferent but in a fantastic way ...I like this woman and wow is she attractive .I mean her joyful personality I like you nd I like your way and I like the way you cut my hair.
    Mark Jackson Harrogate Reviewed 3rd January 2018 8:14 PM
  • 5 star reviewThankyou for looking after Billy and entertaining him like you did.
    Claire & Will Collins Reviewed 23rd December 2017 9:10 AM
  • 5 star reviewEveryone loves you Joanna. You need to know that as many people that you have helped are there to help you too. You make us smilex
    Sally Reviewed 17th December 2017 6:27 PM
  • 5 star reviewA very kind hairdresser
    Marian Reviewed 17th December 2017 2:26 AM
  • 5 star reviewAn absolutely fantastic person great hairdresser and story teller.
    Ray Evans Thames Valley Reviewed 11th December 2017 3:25 AM
  • 5 star reviewAnd I will vouch for that too....she may be straight to the point no messing but one of the kindest people I've ever known and everything she says comes true. I was out of my mind because of something and she predicted exactly how I am now.....and what a joyful positive person to have as a genuine non feigning friend as well as that great hairdresser.
    Val Reviewed 23rd November 2017 6:01 PM
  • 5 star reviewNot only a fantastic hairdresser, with great insight into what suits best, but a therapist to boot! We all love you Jo! Reviewed 20th November 2017 6:23 PM
  • 5 star reviewYou make me smile joanna so much. My husband always knows when I have been to the salon because not only does my hair look better he says I come back a totally different person are so thoughtful and funny and serious all rolled into one we say.
    Jean & Dennis Reviewed 20th September 2017 7:16 PM
  • 5 star reviewA really nice person and a very good hairdresser
    Josh Reviewed 18th September 2017 7:43 PM
  • 5 star reviewA very nice and very caring no nonsense and very genuine character hairdresser.
    Anne Reviewed 29th July 2017 7:20 PM
  • 5 star reviewI was asked to leave a review if I would after meeting this very nice hairdressers. I came here due to my usual one being away on holiday and I knew of this one but had never attended here. What a down to earth interesting refreshing person joanna is .No rushing no pointless passing the time talk...interested in my hobby of classic cars and very hospitable indeed with a lovelly hot chocolate and biscuits and a very good sense of humour and my hair cut was spot on . Tar very much jo.
    Steve Banks Reviewed 27th July 2017 11:02 AM
  • 5 star reviewHere is my review. My hairdresser joanna is a really lovely person because firstly she's very genuine and has a very caring nature but I come to her because she is a very good hairdresser and very naturally funny. I like her as she is a very compassionate person too as my husband is no longer here and she was very kind to me during the period he was ill and I know he was very fond of her too as she came to our home in the latter part of his life and he looked forward to it as she made him laugh .
    Mary Scott Alwoodley Leeds 17 Reviewed 15th July 2017 8:41 PM
  • 5 star reviewI love my hairdresser at Blacks and have always been very happy. I work in the centre of Leeds as I am an associate solicitor in a very busy law firm and it's so refreshing to be in joanna's company. Nothing is too much trouble and whilst waiting for my highlights to develop we have great conversations and she really makes me laugh. She's just a great person and even when nutters phone her(who are not customers) she deals with it very entertainingly I have to say.
    Suzanne Leeds Reviewed 8th July 2017 12:26 AM
  • 5 star reviewA very comfortable atmosphere and a hairdresser who had immense interest in my hair takes a long time over it and is not overly priced as everything was included .
    Sam Harrison Reviewed 6th July 2017 4:44 PM
  • 5 star reviewVery nice hairdressers and a person called Joanna helped me with my very awkward hair .She has a really jolly attitude and it's very comfortable as you are welcomed into the conversations and not left out .
    Louise Birch Reviewed 4th July 2017 4:08 PM
  • 5 star reviewFabulous character fantastic personality and a very good hairdresser.
    leam Reviewed 22nd June 2017 2:47 PM
  • 5 star reviewI have been coming to joanna for quite some time now. I have watched her whilst my colour is taking and I can well say that sometimes she is put on but how she handles people is so nice and responds very honestly but in a humorous way which immediately disarms the demanding I'd say quite selfish ones . She takes so much care over everyone of us and I am always very satisfied.joanna naturally has a very good character and is a very caring person and sometimes extremely funny.
    Barbara K Reviewed 18th June 2017 1:51 PM
  • 5 star reviewI like joanna she very kind heart person.I come from Poland and meet her here in street she immediately welcome me to her salon and tell me about her background too of family.She very warm kind heart for sure and make my hair so nice and I smile when she say goodbye in Serbian as same as polish . Thankyou very much too kind person.
    Danni Reviewed 15th June 2017 7:57 PM
  • 5 star reviewJoanna became my hairdresser when she had a flat tyre and was going crackers and I stopped and helped her and got a pat on the head whilst doing so and then she flung her arms round me and gave me a big kiss. I got my first haircut free and the rest is history....I go as I love how she does my hair and I like her character but if you think I am after her I can assure you I am not but put it this way she is on my Xmas card list for life x
    craig Reviewed 12th June 2017 9:48 PM
  • 5 star reviewI was nervous of going into this salon but after being given The Telegraph and a gigantic coffee latte and chocolate biscuits and then looking up to see someone so joyful doing her Kate Bush impression....I am no longer nervous. A very good hairdresser and great personality ...sorted that out for me.
    Robert Sinclair Reviewed 12th June 2017 1:16 PM
  • 5 star reviewThe lady called Joanna here is arefreshing breath of fresh air in this commercial world. Her service attention and manner is outstanding and is not feigned in any way because it's her nature . My husband Mike and I were very impressed and very much moved how kind she was with our only child's first haircut.
    Mike & Sandra Sharp Reviewed 5th June 2017 3:34 PM
  • 5 star reviewThankyou Joanna for making me feel so safe and comfortable having my first ever haircut. You are really nice.
    Joel Adam Sharp Reviewed 3rd June 2017 6:31 PM
  • 5 star reviewWe love joanna because she is funny & kind gives us ribena to drink and massive cookies to eat and let's whinnie and tigger sit on our knees and our mummy says "a miracle has taken place as we are so good" big kiss from us both.
    Sacha & Nina (the twinnies) Reviewed 29th May 2017 1:23 PM
  • 5 star reviewMy hairdresser at Blacks is such a nice woman because I have seen her transform difficult people into far more reasonable ones with her ways as she treats everyone very nicely and I have always liked her doing my hair and it's a very happy place and you are made extremely welcome and looked after very well.
    J Thompson Reviewed 24th May 2017 9:20 PM
  • 5 star reviewI don't ever leave reviews so here hairdresser at Black's is not just a very good hairdresser she's also a very thoughtful kind hearted's that then for a review
    Ian Reviewed 15th May 2017 5:04 PM
  • 5 star reviewThis salon and the owner are lovely and she is a very good hairdresser indeed.Nothing is too much trouble for her and the most important point I wish to make is that the owner will not do anything you don't need or that wouldn't be right for a customers lifestyle or financially. A very kind character and very natural.
    Pat Cook Reviewed 10th May 2017 8:46 PM
  • 5 star reviewThere's something different about Blacks.I have been attending here for quite a while and it's like an outing somehow and what the lady who owns it does is make sure everyone is included in the conversation and she takes time and it's very comfortable.
    Barbara Thompson Reviewed 9th May 2017 5:20 PM
  • 5 star reviewWe are pleased to review about this extremely nice place. Never known anyone take so much care abut us as people and our hair and the time taken over us both on a Sunday too.Thankyou also for those massive coffees.
    Stuart & Marie Larkin Reviewed 7th May 2017 6:18 PM
  • 5 star reviewAlways a happy atmosphere and everyone is treated very well...young older low income high income or middle income like me. A very good hairdresser and a very joyful nice person .
    Susan Blackburn from scholes Reviewed 4th May 2017 12:23 PM
  • 5 star reviewYou made me laugh with that little dance you did on the zebra crossing and I just want you to know I think you handled me very kindly and I realised that I am still welcome . I did say you had a nice way ...a very kind way. Thankyou
    MAX X Reviewed 30th April 2017 8:43 PM
  • 5 star reviewThere isn't many salons where the customers start dancing Zorba the very comical. Its a very happy hairdressing salon which is a very positive and healthy thing for people thesedays.
    Elizabeth & Brian of Aberford Reviewed 27th April 2017 3:12 PM
  • 5 star reviewThis lady is always joyful and I like her cutting my hair because she is not just interesting herself but is also very interested in her customers welfare too
    Debbie & Simon Garforth Reviewed 27th April 2017 3:05 PM
  • 5 star reviewThankyou to the lady called Joanna who owns this really lovely salon for being so very kind to my mother who suffers with dementia....her patience was absolutely outstanding and to engage in actual conversation as she did was quite astonishing thankyou.
    Helen Wilkinson & Joyce Harrison from Castleford Reviewed 14th April 2017 6:19 PM
  • 5 star reviewNever a dull moment is there....I am laughing as I read . It is very entertaining at times ...Thankyou for looking after Caroline you have immense patience Joanna that's for sure and we are both very fond of you .
    John & Caroline Sharp Reviewed 6th April 2017 12:51 AM
  • 5 star reviewAlright Joanna I will respect your wishes but I think you are fibbing but I also think you are absolutely lovely honestly I do
    Yours Truly Maxxy x Reviewed 30th March 2017 1:53 PM
  • 5 star reviewAlthough this is quite flattering and quite comical ....I think you should know that the person who this is meant for is already spoken for...please do not be offended as you are a truly lovely fun guy but may have misunderstood this persons very natural kind fun loving character as something else...
    Annonymous Reviewed 29th March 2017 9:27 PM
  • 5 star reviewAnd here's your answer A VERY BIG "REALLY" YES I AM
    MAX again ... of course Reviewed 28th March 2017 11:41 PM
  • 5 star reviewMy goodness gracious I can't believe what I am reading.....are you for real
    Annonymous Reviewed 28th March 2017 10:32 PM
  • 5 star reviewI could eat you all up.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmy
    A hungry for you man Reviewed 28th March 2017 9:10 AM
  • 5 star reviewYou like direct people so there we have it don't we now ha!
    Max the director of his own company Reviewed 26th March 2017 8:08 PM
  • 5 star reviewIt would mean only one thing ...I'd then be your man....what did you say again...oh!yes I remember again now it was this... "as sure as eggs are eggs!"
    MMMMMMMMMM Reviewed 26th March 2017 7:48 PM
  • 5 star reviewNow if you were my woman.....
    Very genuine Maxxy Reviewed 26th March 2017 7:44 PM
  • 5 star reviewLike you....I can also say "as sure as eggs are eggs."
    A really nice guy called Max Reviewed 26th March 2017 7:37 PM
  • 5 star reviewThat blush gave you away ...that is how I know and dare do this.
    Sincerely Yours Max Reviewed 26th March 2017 7:35 PM
  • 5 star reviewWill you come and fly with me please ?
    Maxxy Reviewed 26th March 2017 7:31 PM
  • 5 star reviewSo I will see you very soon and make you blush again...because I like you even more when you blush.... don't drive too fast engine is bigger than yours as I am the the woman....arrrrhhh! I have had it now....joking!
    Max the Man ! Reviewed 26th March 2017 7:28 PM
  • 5 star reviewI missed you
    XAM Reviewed 26th March 2017 7:23 PM
  • 5 star reviewOh! You are back....missed you Miss Cheeky
    M is for? Reviewed 26th March 2017 7:21 PM
  • 5 star reviewI really like you can you tell ?
    Max Reviewed 18th March 2017 10:09 PM
  • 5 star reviewBoo!
    Any idea begins with M Reviewed 18th March 2017 10:08 PM
  • 5 star reviewx
    guess Reviewed 15th March 2017 10:38 PM
  • 5 star reviewStill thinking about you.
    it's Max again Reviewed 15th March 2017 9:21 PM
  • 5 star reviewX
    And Max again Reviewed 12th March 2017 9:55 PM
  • 5 star reviewHA! X
    Max again Reviewed 12th March 2017 9:54 PM
  • 5 star reviewI am glad you don't do anything "QUICKLY" If you ever decide to give up can always join my was a pleasurable lesson...don't ever change....I like your way.
    Max Reviewed 12th March 2017 9:51 PM
  • 5 star reviewThis lady told me why my hair was in such bad condition and has taught me to how to colour my own hair properly as I can't afford to have it done regularly at a salon....
    Catherine Burton Crossgates Reviewed 9th March 2017 2:28 PM
  • 5 star reviewTalking biscuits joanna that's a new one but it didn't half work.
    Jane & Billy Reviewed 5th March 2017 8:02 PM
  • 5 star reviewI admire you joanna.
    Another Hairdresser in Garforth Reviewed 10th February 2017 10:40 PM
  • 5 star reviewMy son and I have been coming to Blacks for a long time. Joanna is an exceptional hairdresser. She is very kind, considerate and we always have great, interesting conversations. A place I would highly recommend
    Joanne & Thomas Whitehead Reviewed 10th February 2017 6:30 PM
  • 5 star reviewNo rushing allowed here but to be honest you don't want to.A rather lovely place a very good hairdresser and so very nice and so very incredibly natural entertaining....I love it here.
    jonathan Reviewed 9th February 2017 9:27 PM
  • 5 star reviewCame here whilst visiting on Saturday a very nice place and a very good hairdresser.thankyou kind lady.
    Simon Dobson Reviewed 25th January 2017 12:23 AM
  • 5 star reviewAn extremely good hairdresser and a disarmingly comical lady.
    David Harrison North Yorkshire Reviewed 22nd January 2017 1:06 PM
  • 5 star reviewThe lady here is exceptionally magical with children I agree...both my son and daughter are mesmerised by this salon.
    Emma , Ella & Joshua Stevens Reviewed 19th January 2017 1:38 PM
  • 5 star reviewA very kind caring hairdresser who can make the screaming of kids turn to laughter...well done !
    Tim (father of Luke) Reviewed 14th January 2017 9:00 PM
  • 5 star reviewA very kind and caring hairdresser.
    Tim Reviewed 14th January 2017 8:52 PM
  • 5 star reviewOne leaves with a bigger smile that maybe wasn't quite as big when they first entered.
    GABBY Reviewed 15th December 2016 10:57 PM
  • 5 star reviewA very refreshing place due a very refreshing character owning it....a total breath of fresh air.....fantastic.
    Dr Jamez Andreas Reviewed 4th December 2016 8:07 PM
  • 5 star reviewI have been a customer of Blacks ever since they opened and before when Joanna was mobile, 30 years now. Joanna is a fabulous hairdresser who always gives her best, she is also very truthful about what is right for your hair and you can rely on her advice. Her hospitality is superb too.
    Virginia Sibley Reviewed 7th November 2016 5:01 PM
  • 5 star reviewDon't worry about any false reviews and fake people we all love you and we think you know that by now.
    Many people from the Garforth Community Reviewed 11th October 2016 10:32 PM
  • 4 star reviewYes I agree !
    agreeing man Reviewed 7th October 2016 7:31 PM
  • 1 star review.
    Penny Reviewed 7th October 2016 5:16 PM

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