Phase 2 plan afterthoughts


So custom error pages made me think. (I just put them online by the way). My site doesnt have any included headers or footers. I don’t really envisage the base pages expanding much from here, (In fact by the end of phase 2 their number might well have contracted) but if I want to make sitewide cosmetic and possibly coding changes its obviously going to be easier to use embedded headers and footers so that it only needs doing once. Anyway – another one to add to the list.

Oh, had a quick think about site structure today. Preliminary decision is that locations will follow the rules and venue names are going to be hosted entirely in the root directory so Why did I come up with this? Well, I think it makes logical sense but is also easier to remember if someone wanted to mentally take down the URL and return sometime. Multiple names in venues are going to have to follow this format I think: with the hyphen splitting the name and town name and the underscores effectively acting as spaces between the words in the name and town name. Ill give it some more thought before I start recoding the website tomorrow but I think it makes good sense.

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