Major updates

Well… major at least for those behind the scenes. While not much will change on the front end, we’re significantly updating the engine room if you like for the site. Over the course of the year it will mean a lot more content, a lot more details about a place (for example official websites) and a lot more granularity. It’s really quite exciting. Really whats happening is we’re building on the big “phase 3” redevelopment of the site and taking it to its logical conclusion. Phase 3 has been a success for the site already but its full power hasn’t really come to the fore yet. A lot of the design that went into phase 3 ensured scalability and that’s what we’re trying to achieve here.  It’s taking a little longer than planned to complete (we feel we’re half way through when we thought it would be largely complete by now) but the wait will be worth it. A target completion date has been set for next Thursday.

This major back-end update comes with some minor front end updates that are overdue as well.

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