Waitrose opening times

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  • Waitrose - Alton

    16 South Street Draymans Way Water Lane Station Road, Alton GU34 2GD

  • Waitrose - Berkshire

    M4 Motorway, Junction 14/15, Membury, Lambourne, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 7TZ

  • Waitrose - Crowborough

    High Street High Street Streatfield Road Beacon Road High Street Croft Road, Crowborough TN6 1DL

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Waitrose is one of Britain's most popular supermarket chains

It is considered part of the upmarket or luxury supermarket business

The company enjoys a Royal Warrant status to the Queen supplying groceries and beverages to Her Majesty Elizabeth II

The company is based in Bracknell in England and employs almost 45000 people


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